The Download Meditation: Tuning into a Virtual Collective Field

The Download Meditation has been around for twelve years. This is a virtual group meditation practice. It takes place on the first and third Tuesday of every month at 12 pm noon Pacific time / 3 pm Eastern time / 9 pm Central European time – no matter if it is a holiday or other. Thomas Hübl meditates together with up to a thousand people from all over the world for 45 minutes, no matter where he is. These two dates are a fixed part of his schedule every month.

There is no “download” via the Internet in the classical sense. This meditation takes place without technical aids. The participants meditate for themselves where they are.

In addition to the technique of meditation itself, we develop here the ability to tune into a virtual collective field formed by many people who are not gathered in the same place. This ability could become more and more important from a developmental perspective. In practical terms, this means first of all to set the intention for it and simply to be open for what wants to happen.

What Kind of Effects can the Download Meditation Have?

How meditation works is something that many spiritual traditions have long had deep knowledge and insights into. Thomas Hübl has also taught a lot about this. For several decades, such questions have also found their way into Western science. Most research projects, however, relate to the effects of meditation on the individual, on brain functions, on illness and healing, on stress, burnout and the ability to relax. What happens when many people meditate together is hardly the focus of the

In the 80s and 90s of the last century there was some research on this in the field of Transcendental Meditation. The result was the thesis: if two percent of a community meditate, this has an energetic ripple effect on the consciousness of the people in the surrounding area (which can be seen in a reduction of the crime rate). People who do not meditate would also be affected by the group meditation.

Thomas shares, “The Download Meditation is an expanding network of people that feel inspired to tune in and feel the download of energy and the support of a collective coherence we are building together. The coherence is a powerful function of consciousness and supports every participant to reach deeper states of consciousness with greater ease.

The term ‘download’ refers to a transmission of higher energy, that is being downloaded into the collective coherence. That makes it easier for a meditator to feel and touch higher energy or light. Higher conscious energy is flowing downwards through the connection of everybody’s soul into the conscious awareness of the person. Sometimes it creates physical sensations, and sometimes we are not aware of it at the moment it happens.”

The Survey

We have now done a survey on Download Meditation. This is a first very small step to find out how participants meditate and what their experiences are. Here are the findings, from over 300 survey respondents:

  • The percentage of those who regularly take part is striking: 60%. Many make The Download Meditation a permanent feature of their lives.
  • Currently, The Download Meditation seems to be of particular interest to people who have a regular meditation practice anyway.
  • 58% of respondents participate regularly
  • 35% have been participating for many years
  • 77% have different experiences in The Download Meditation than they do with other meditation practices
  • 49% often perceive the field of fellow meditators, known as the “field experience”

In many answers a great gratitude was expressed that this possibility of connection with the Sangha and with Thomas exists.

Some Comments

“There is always a very strong presence and a great connection. For me it is often the most intensive meditation experience. Extremely powerful. I am very grateful for this space of experience!”

Download Meditation“I usually settle a few minutes before the time, and can instantly feel when the Download Meditation comes ‘online’. It’s like a field of energy sweeps over me. I feel heightened awareness, I keep my focus more easily, and time seems to go more quickly than when I am not consciously tuned into a group. Occasionally I do receive a specific insight or inspiration, but mostly I just feel energized and more deeply grounded afterwards. I am very grateful for this activity!”

“My own meditation practise is usually alone. To be part of the Download Meditation always has the vast awareness of many meditating together across the different time zones. This is usually an enhanced experience for me. Not better or worse. Just different, and good. Thank you for the opportunity.”

“For me, it’s an integral part of my calendar. I always look forward to spending time with Thomas and the sangha.”

“The surprising thing is that I usually wake up just before the Download Meditation although it is very early (3 to 4am in Bali, Indonesia). This happens only on the Download Meditation days. Sometimes I feel a wider, deeper space opening in meditation.”

Thanks to everyone who took part in the survey!

The Meaning of the Download Meditation in a Larger Context

“Spiritual practice and meditation are aimed at raising our vibration in order to touch higher consciousness possibilities for life, which are not accessible from a lower vibrational state. Through contemplative practice and ethical ways of living we can up-level our center of consciousness and live our lives from higher perspectives. Those are usually more embracing, more loving and present, and more insightful.
Download Meditation blueTogether with shadow and trauma work and an integration practice we can rewrite our birth condition and change the course of our lives.” – Thomas Hübl

Changes made by each of us work back into the common field. The increase in vibration that is currently taking place is once supported by higher energies that are flowing into the world. And further by how many people can perceive them at all, can receive them, can contain and integrate them, and then convert them into action in the world. And that depends on where my own centre of consciousness is located.

The Download Meditation can support this process well. Because of its continuity and permanence it can also very well complement the big meditative single events (like meditations for peace) that take place from time to time.

As our global Sangha expands, we are excited to welcome more new meditation practitioners!

Do you want to participate? Find the next dates for the Download Meditation in the online calendar!

(Ina Krause)