Online Courses

Choose your own path of study from our library of online courses taught by Thomas Hübl. Each course includes video teachings, downloadable audio recordings, PDF transcripts, guided meditations, and practical exercises.

With Thomas Hübl

7 modules   |   4 hours

Expand Your Relational Intelligence

This new self-paced course includes seven modules of recorded teachings, meditations, and attunement practices from Thomas. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of the relational dynamics that connect us and learn practices to increase your capacity for being present and attuned.

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With Thomas Hübl

6 modules   |   2-1/2 hours

Explore the Nature and Effects of Collective Trauma and Collective Healing

We are all born into an unseen field of trauma that often goes unrecognized until it is triggered. In six short modules, Thomas explores the nature and effects of collective trauma and how we can address it in our world. In this foundational course, you will learn how individual, ancestral, and collective trauma are interdependent, and why they all need to be addressed for true healing.

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With Thomas Hübl

16 modules   |   7 hours

Learn the Theory, Methods, & Applications of Working with Collective Trauma

Through seven hours of recorded teachings, meditations, and reflection exercises, Thomas leads you on an exploration of the practices and skills required to increase your capacity to work with collective trauma in a meaningful way – as an opportunity to integrate our intergenerational and cultural wounds.

With Thomas Hübl

6 modules   |   10 hours

Deepen your practice with teachings and guided meditations from Thomas Hübl

In this self-paced course, Thomas offers instruction and practical tools to help you deepen your meditation practice. He guides you to apply these teachings both on the cushion and in daily life, connecting to your capacities for creativity, insight, and compassion.

The course is suitable for practitioners at all levels, from beginners to experienced.

With Thomas Hübl

4 modules   |   7 hours

In this course you will gain new insights into what “stress” is trying to tell you. You’ll discover with new clarity how to conduct “inner hygiene” to recharge your battery, replenish your soul energy, and deepen your awareness, infusing your life with new levels of creativity, vitality, and joy.

With Thomas Hübl

7 modules   |   12 hours

Transparent Communication is a set of principles and practices that help introduce more openness, clarity, and presence into everyday interactions.

When you train in the art of transparent communication, you’ll refine your knowledge and understanding of space, presence, energy, and movement while awakening within the social and relational field of your life.

This comprehensive online course includes 7 pre-recorded course sessions. Each module offers homework exercises to help you apply the principles right away in daily life.

This course has also been translated into German and Spanish.