Social Architecture and Our Energetic Impulse

Around the world we are seeing examples of contentious and polarized political environments. In a recent conversation with Thomas, we asked about the state of political discourse and the impact of our actions. He offered the following insights:

Thomas Hübl TWT“I believe the governments we have are always an expression of the collective state of consciousness. Our maturity determines what kind of governing structure we are going to have. Reality doesn’t lie. Life is showing us our shadow landscape that we’ve somehow kept under the carpet and now it’s coming forcefully to the surface.

The political situation that we have can be disillusioning, but it’s the truth. It is maybe a dangerous moment for humanity, but it’s also a necessary moment because this mixture of higher consciousness energy is happening and our hidden shadow dimension is also showing up very dramatically.

Social Architecture PoliceThere is no alternative for us than to look at this level of separation and disconnect on many levels. We need to look at our social architecture and how that is calling for certain political circumstances. That’s why maturing or growing up and integrating our unintegrated development is so needed. It is the only way for us to be responsible global citizens. Maturity is the basis for a functional democracy, otherwise we have a “demo-crazy.”

The Frequency of the Planet is Upgrading

Simultaneously, it needs to be taken into account that something is also happening in the background, on a more invisible level. The frequency of the planet is upgrading. There is an upgrading of the consciousness level. That also stirs up a load of energy that has been held. That’s why I think now is also the right moment for this kind of collective trauma healing work.

Celebrate Life Festival GermanyWe need stronger collective vessels. The separation of human beings and the planet created a disconnect. The vessel is not fully grounded so the electricity doesn’t flow easily through billions of people from the crown into the soil. There are lots of blockages in between. When the electricity or the light comes in, it cannot fully ground. I think that’s a big issue. One symptom of it is the conflicts we see in our societies. Collective trauma healing can potentially address this to loosen up and dissolve the apparent blockages.

I think that endeavor needs to be done not on the “story level” of life. Because on the story level, we just engage in arguments and polarization. We need to change the energetic reality in order to have a different outcome on the surface of life.

Enhancing Collective Trauma Fields

Thomas Hübl, Otto ScharmerAt the Collective Trauma Online Summit I had a talk with Otto Scharmer. He talked about “absencing,” and we talked about collective trauma fields. Low energetic connectivity (which is what trauma is), will have effects on our social and cultural architecture. We will move away from the area that is “absent” into the area that is resourced. Let’s say one part of a room has a bad wifi connection and the other part of the room has perfect wifi. Where will I sit when I want to work online? And where will all the other people sit who want to write emails? They will all be in the same part of the room – it will be overcrowded there and empty on the other side. We are attracted to where there is more energy.

Trauma areas – places where a lot of collective trauma happened – have depressed energy. Often we call that low. There are unseen storages of pain that cause feelings of discomfort in places like this. Unconsciously we gravitate toward where we feel good. Do we always know why we move away from places or are attracted to others?

Artist UpdateArtists often settle where it is affordable, because they can’t pay the rent in the fancy places where everything seems to be energized. They bring creative energy into the cheap places and they upgrade them until they become a desired place. And that’s interesting! These are examples of how energy can be enhanced through a creative process, a creative engine. Energy can be upgraded either through trauma release work or through creative acts. Both bring new, fresh energy into space, into an area, into a situation, into a country.

It is up to everybody who wants to do some kind of meaningful work to upgrade the places that we unconsciously move away from. They can only be changed through an upgrade of energy, because usually those places hold a lot of pain, a lot of stuck energy, a lot of trauma.

The Energetic Dimension of the Social Architecture

Any government or governance structure needs to take the energetic dimension of the social architecture into account. Why are things flowing in certain ways and not in other ways? It’s not really because of free choice. We need to uncover the underlying energetic processes otherwise the energetic circumstances will recreate the reality that was there before. Often we have good intentions and bring them as a patch on top of a very problematic energetic condition. And then we burn out social workers and others who have the best of intentions to help and who try to improve things. The pattern will fragment the system again.

We need another approach and that is an interesting exploration!” Thomas Hübl