Training & Certificate Programs

Founded in 2008 by Thomas Hübl, The Academy of Inner Science offers transformational programs for both personal and professional development through training modules, workshops, study groups, and facilitation training.

Timeless Wisdom Training

Timeless Wisdom Training (TWT) is a foundational 2-year intensive program, led by Thomas Hübl, that includes a series of in-person and online retreats. It is a unique opportunity to enter a safe, supportive container for deep individual and group process work and to develop new levels of competency in self- and co-regulation, trauma integration, group coherence building, and contemplative practices.

TWT is open to anyone who is deeply committed to their own personal and spiritual growth. The program attracts many professional practitioners—such as therapists, coaches, business and NGO leaders, educators, healthcare workers, and alternative healers—who also take what they learn and integrate it into their respective fields.

TWT is a global program with two “hubs” – one based in the EU and the other in the U.S. Both groups meet together for online retreats, which are taught in English with simultaneous translation into German and Spanish. Each group meets separately for in-person retreats, which are taught in English in the U.S. (with translation to Spanish) and German or English in the EU (with translation to English or German).

Over the past 16 years, more than 1,900 people have completed the Timeless Wisdom Training. Many who go through this program credit it with accelerating their personal growth and with catalyzing important shifts in their lives and careers.

Academic credits may be earned for the TWT through the Academy’s partnerships with Witten/Herdecke University and with Ubiquity University.

The next TWT program will be held in 2025-26.

Applications are now open.

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"I have been on a spiritual path all my life and taken many courses, and TWT helped me fill in the missing pieces and go to a whole new level of development. I learned how to slow down time, see where my pain comes from, and make new choices."

Daciana I., Physician, California, USA

"The TWT cycle of retreats is more than a course. It’s a transformative experience...This work enables us as individuals to grow in our daily lives and become more responsible and aware citizens of the world.”

Stefan H., Professor, Strategic Management, London, England

Advanced Training Groups

After graduating from TWT, students may continue in an ongoing alumni group (Core Group) that meets for retreats three times annually with Thomas. Or, graduates may enroll in more advanced programs with Thomas, such as the Collective Trauma Facilitator Training. Some may qualify to enter the Inner Science Training Group for professionals such as psychotherapists, healthcare workers, and coaches, who seek to deepen their skills as healers and group leaders.

Collective Trauma Facilitator Training

Completing TWT is the first step towards becoming part of a global network of trained facilitators that can be actively mobilized to support people in times of crisis.

After TWT, established practitioners in the helping professions may apply to continue their studies with Thomas Hübl in the Collective Trauma Facilitator (CTF) training. This is a third year of study, where practitioners expand their skills in collective trauma integration work and group facilitation.

After the CTF training, an additional 2-year mentoring phase is offered for new facilitators to apply their skills in assisting with Collective Trauma Integration Processes (CTIPs), facilitating International Labs through the Pocket Project, and other projects.

The CTF training is only open to those who complete TWT, by application, after graduation from the program. Facilitating both small and large groups is a very advanced skill and requires mastery at many different levels. The certification program will offer close supervision and mentorship.

Academic credits may be earned for the CTF training via a partnership between The Academy of Inner Science and Witten/Herdecke University.

Professional Certificate Programs

Trauma-Informed Consulting & Coaching Certificate Program

This new one-year training program is designed for practicing coaches and consultants who want to learn additional trauma-informed tools and methods for working with clients, teams, and organizational environments.

The innovative program will be led by Thomas Hübl and Amy Elizabeth Fox, along with a special guest faculty of leading experts in trauma and organizational development who will share best-in-class frameworks and practices.

ENROLLMENT IS CLOSED for the 2024 program,

Academic Credit & Degree Programs

Through strategic partnerships, the Academy of Inner Science offers students the opportunity to earn credit towards academic degree or certificate programs.

Students who have completed or are enrolled in the Timeless Wisdom Training Program may concurrently obtain a Master of Arts Degree in Inner Science or a PhD in Transpersonal Research through the Academy’s partnership with Ubiquity University.

Thomas Hübl and Dr. Kazuma Matoba have also created a partnership between the Academy of Inner Science and Witten/Herdecke University in Germany that allows participants in the Collective Trauma Facilitator Training the opportunity to receive a University Certificate with European Credits (ECTS) upon completion of the program. These credits can be transferred and applied towards a Masters or PhD program in another university in the UK, Europe, or United States, as well as many other countries.

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MA in Global Social Witnessing

The Academy of Inner Science (AIS) has established a partnership with Ubiquity University to offer a Master of Arts in Global Social Witnessing degree to learners who are interested in the field of awareness-based systems change.

Global Social Witnessing (GSW) is an essential new social technology that offers a way to restore possibility. First introduced by Thomas Hübl in 2017, it is about developing the human capacity to mindfully attend to global events with an embodied awareness, creating an inner world space mirroring these events. In doing so we increase our ability to respond, and more effective healing and peace-building become possible.

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