The companies and nonprofit organizations listed below were founded by Thomas Hübl and serve as vehicles for his vision and projects worldwide.

Courses, Workshops, and Training Programs

Thomas Hübl’s study programs, workshops, retreats, online courses, and leadership training programs are offered via his German and U.S. companies:

Sharing the Presence GmbH
Wardenburgerstr. 24, D-26203 Wardenburg, Germany
Authorized director: Thomas Hübl
Industrial Court Oldenburg, HRB 203213, Tax-Nr. 064-211-2720, UID DE264648252

Inner Science LLC
2 Ranch Drive, Novato, CA 94945, USA
Authorized director: Thomas Hübl
Employer Identification Number: 80-0962669
Phone: 415.785.3064

Nonprofit Initiatives

The German nonprofit organization Sharing the Presence e.V. was founded in 2010 by Thomas to facilitate conscious cultural change by raising awareness of the importance of mature participation in society. Working with a wide range of people from many divergent faiths, cultures, national origins, economic backgrounds, and political orientations, the organization creates environments such as conferences, festivals, and other events where people can learn from one another and develop the competencies needed to transcend potential conflicts, thereby fostering a resilient global citizenship.

Projects sponsored by Sharing the Presence e.V. include:

Celebrate Life Festival

For more than ten years, Thomas Hübl and his team have held the Celebrate Life Festival (founded in 2003) in northern Germany. More than 1,000 visitors, speakers, and artists from all over the world meet for ten days in the tranquil village of Oberlethe, close to Oldenburg in Lower Saxony. Showcasing experts in various disciplines, the event combines deep spiritual practice with mature contributions and participation in the evolving cultural and societal landscape. The Festival is renowned for its inspiring and healing atmosphere and is an international melting pot of socially innovative individuals.

The Pocket Project

The Pocket Project’s mission is to stop the vicious cycle of recurring collective trauma and ultimately integrate and reduce its effects on our global culture. This mission is achieved by deepening the understanding of the nature of collective trauma and bringing together timeless mystical wisdom and latest scientific and psychological research. Pocket groups are being established in many countries and conferences are held with trauma experts in a variety of specialty fields in support of the Pocket Project’s missions.

The above initiatives are all sponsored by:

Sharing the Presence e.V.
Wardenburgerstrasse 24
D-26203 Wardenburg

Tel: +49 4407 716094

Commercial Register: Amtsgericht Oldenburg, VR201583

  1. Vorsitzender / chairman: Thomas Hübl
  2. Vorsitzender / vice-chairman: Ute Kostanjevec
“We design the world through the relationships that we live, through the relational qualities that we pass on to the next generation. So practicing in our intimate relationships is actually a rewriting of the past. We can heal, we can integrate, and through that we can also change the world.”

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