Practice Groups

Practice Groups for Collective Learning

Through the Pocket Project, students of Thomas Hübl can join local Practice Groups that come together regularly to focus on the key skills of presence, relating, witnessing, and Transparent Communication. Group members support each other to apply these key skills in their everyday lives, and to process the challenges that arise naturally when doing that.

Groups also consider current topics, share life issues, engage in dialogues, and explore Thomas Hübl’s teachings. Regular practice with a supportive community allows for collective learning and a deeper embodied understanding.

Visit the Pocket Project website for more information and to see the list of active practice groups around the world.

Practice Group Leader Training

Would you like to participate in facilitating the evolution of embodied spiritual practice utilizing conscious relational skill building, contemplative practices, and mystical principles?

Join us for the next Practice Group Leader Training (PGLT). In this training, you will develop your skills in Transparent Communication in leading groups and learn to help others to do the same.

Practice Groups come together regularly for precise skill development and embodiment of the foundations of trauma-informed living, with a focus on the key skills of presence, relating, witnessing and Transparent Communication. We learn to apply these key skills in our everyday lives, and to process the challenges that arise naturally as we do that.

The training for leaders of Practice Groups immerses students in Transparent Communication, a core competency in the work of Thomas Hübl. The training itself is a Practice Group container where you will experience and learn to create your own Practice Group.

This is not a training that teaches Collective / Individual trauma healing processes, and Practice Groups are not therapy groups.

The PGLT will be offered in 2024, starting in May.

The Practice Group Leader Training is taught in English by Thomas Hübl’s authorized instructors, Eva Giedt and Rae Riedel. The Program is held online and consists of three 3-day workshops over a period of several months.

Global Cohort 2 – First workshop: May 17–19, 2024
See the full schedule and apply here >

In autumn 2024 there will be a Practice Group Leader training in German with a new leadership team: Silke Weiss and Hendryk Obenaus. There will be an online info call on June 5 at 6 p.m. (CEST).

Further details are published here on the German website! If you are interested and have further questions: please contact us.