A Meditation to Connect to the Heart

The holidays offer us time for reflection and introspection. But in times of joy spent with loved ones, we are also reminded of the upheaval and unrest in the larger world, which can be overwhelming.

This guided meditation from Thomas invites us to open our hearts and access the power within them. With this contemplative practice, we can deepen our awareness of our inner worlds, connecting our minds and our emotions to our physical bodies.

[To download the meditation audio file, click here]

In this state of connection, we can begin to resonate with the collective, universal heart, and all of the insights that it contains. As we nurture and expand our heart space over time, we develop greater understanding, deeper coherence, and the capacity to listen to ourselves, our loved ones, and life itself.

As Thomas says, “There’s a space that goes beyond separation. And there’s a home for separation to melt.

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