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Healing Collective Trauma

with Thomas Hübl

Get access to a powerful series of 3 videos exploring how collective trauma surfaces in times of stress and how we can heal it.

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Tuesday, February 2, 2023

Illuminating Your Soul’s Path

Discover the Power of Mystical Principles to Guide Your Life

Explore contemplative practices, mystical principles, and a guided meditation to connect with your spiritual calling and open up new insights and creativity.

Next live session: Sun, February 12

The Mystic Café

Your Conscious Community for Personal and Collective Transformation

Join Thomas for a monthly live teaching, meditation, and Q&A session plus community breakout sessions. Includes access to a library of guided meditations and teachings.

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Healing Collective Trauma

A Process for Healing Our Intergenerational and Cultural Wounds

In this groundbreaking book, Thomas explores the symptoms and effects of collective trauma and offers new methods for healing and integration.


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Jan 30 - Feb 2
Ancestral Healing Summit – Shift Online Summit
Feb 7
Global Download Meditation Virtual
Feb 12
Jul 29 - Aug 5
2023: Summer Intensive Workshop Workshop Germany with Online Participation
Thomas in Group
How Collective Healing Works

Report from a retreat in Germany with Thomas Hübl, by journalist Matthew Green. "There's a mystery I've experienced in the past week that I'd like to explore..."

A Meditation for the Holidays

A short meditation to be present in the body and move towards a place of inner stillness, even on the busiest of days.

NPI Event Header
Mystical Principles of Healing – Workshop at Next Practice Institute

Workshop about the principles of healing, grounding, intergenerational trauma work, and personal development - transcripts and videos


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