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Healing Collective Trauma

with Thomas Hübl

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Introductory Session: Timeless Wisdom Training

The Path of Deep Transformation

An overview of the upcoming 2-year Timeless Wisdom Training curriculum, plus hear from previous graduates and mentors…

Next live session: Sunday, August 8

The Mystic Café

Your Conscious Community for Personal and Collective Transformation

An Online Space for Collective Healing & Presence. Includes a live monthly session with Q&A, live community sessions, downloadable meditations and more…

Stillness in Motiion FaBo
online, September 2 - 5
Body-Centered Meditation Retreat

Stillness in Motion

An invitation to experience a more intimate connection to yourself, to your body, and your own relationship to the divine, supported by a group of like-minded global practitioners.


Receive announcements about upcoming courses, events, and free recordings.

Aug 3
Global Download Meditation Virtual
Aug 8
Sep 2 - Sep 5
Stillness in Motion Online Retreat
Oct 17 - Oct 24
Coregroup Europe Retreat Closed Group
Nov 14 - Nov 21
Silent Retreat – Meditation and Contemplation Northern Germany
The Anatomy of Inaction – Climate Complexity Change

As a world we stand at a crossroads: resolve our current crises, including the climate, either through innovation, or repeat the past. For us to actualize the abundance of innovative ideas and resources available to solve our urgent climate challenges, we must commit first to sustaining the living organisms closest to home: ourselves. Article published in "Climate Complexity Change", unpsychology magazine, Issue 7, Spring 2021

The Neural Web Can Bridge Time

The following is an excerpt from Thomas' book Healing Collective Trauma: A Process for Integrating Our Intergenerational & Cultural Wounds.

Collective Trauma Summit 2020: The Power of Collective Healing

The 2020 Collective Trauma Summit reached more than 108,000 people in 100 countries with 45+ speakers, including leading trauma therapists, visionaries, change-makers, spiritual leaders, poets, musicians, and activists...


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