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A 9-day Online Gathering to Share Ideas and Inspire Action for Healing Individual, Ancestral, and Collective Trauma.

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The Mystic Café

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Join Thomas for a monthly live teaching, meditation, and Q&A session plus community breakout sessions. Includes access to a library of guided meditations and teachings.

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Healing Collective Trauma

A Process for Healing Our Intergenerational and Cultural Wounds

In this groundbreaking book, Thomas explores the symptoms and effects of collective trauma and offers new methods for healing and integration.

Masterclass with Thomas Hübl
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The Emerging Field of Collective Trauma Work

How to Integrate the Principles of Collective Trauma Healing into Your Life & Practice

Thomas shares the four pillars of collective trauma healing through personal, ancestral, and collective integration.


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Sep 28 - Oct 6
Collective Trauma Summit 2022
Oct 2
Oct 4
Global Download Meditation Virtual
Oct 23 - Oct 30
Silent Retreat – Meditation and Contemplation 2022 Northern Germany
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The leading edge of Thomas’ teaching

Insights from the Summer Workshop, August 2022 in Germany, with 300 people

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A New Paradigm for Healing Collective Trauma: A Process Based on the Mystical Principles of Healing (Dissertation)

Much of human existence is filled with psychological trauma, yet there is limited investigation of the ubiquitous nature of traumatic experiences as part of our daily lives. Clinical diagnoses address the medical conditions related to trauma, yet more examination, research, and investigation are necessary to understand the multiple layers and complexity of the impact of both individual and collective trauma, and to develop innovative interventions and processes to heal.


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