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Healing Collective Trauma

with Thomas Hübl

Get access to a powerful series of 3 videos exploring how collective trauma surfaces in times of stress and how we can heal it.

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Free Online Event
Tuesday, June 13

Becoming a Trauma-Informed Consultant & Coach

How to integrate trauma-informed approaches into your consulting or coaching practice. Short talk and Q&A with Thomas & Amy in this free online event.

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Connecting to the Flow of Life

Explore the fundamental essence of human connection: Attunement. Enjoy a short talk and Q&A to learn more about this presencing practice that helps us heal separation by connecting with the information field of the world.

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The Mystic Café 10-Day Challenge

Attunement: Connecting to the Flow of Life

The NEW 10-Day Challenge will be a deeper dive into the mystical principle of Attunement. The daily videos include guided meditations, practices, and teachings you can explore at your own pace.



Practicing Interdependence to Heal Our Trauma–and Our World

“Weaves a karmic tapestry of unification that illumines belonging and calls us into spiritual responsibility to past, present, and future generations.”

Ruth King, author, Mindful of Race


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Jun 13
(Free Event) Becoming a Trauma-Informed Consultant & Coach
Jun 13
Jun 15 - Jun 24
Jun 20
Global Download Meditation Virtual
Jul 29 - Aug 5
2023: Summer Intensive Workshop On-site-Workshop in Germany with Online Participation
Nov 19 - Nov 26
Silent Retreat – Meditation and Contemplation 2023 Northern Germany
Transparent Communication Header bubbles
The Art of Transparent Communication

We design the world through the relationships we live and the relationship quality we pass on to the next generation. When we practice more awareness in our close relationships, we rewrite the past. We can heal, we can integrate, and through that, we can change the world.

Mehr Demokratie Header Bundestag
How Do We Create More Democracy

How does the NGO More Democracy want to further develop democracy, and where does its concern overlap with Thomas' work on healing collective trauma? It is the largest movement for democracy development worldwide, and therefore of extraordinary importance.

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The Healing Collective Trauma book is featured by Oprah Daily

Oprah Daily just featured books on trauma. Among them is the book "Healing Collective Trauma" by Thomas Hübl. And nine other top-notch works.


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