The Pocket Project

The Pocket Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to growing a culture of trauma-informed care. We develop training, consulting and social impact projects that contribute to a global restoration movement.

The Founding Story

The Pocket Project, born from the visionary minds of Thomas Hübl and Yehudit Sasportas, carries a profound mission: to catalyze a transformation from trauma-inducing systems to trauma-informed, trauma-sensitive, and ultimately trauma-integrating institutions and societies.

Today, under the leadership of Thomas Hübl as Chair and Kosha Joubert as CEO, our international team is rapidly expanding, fueled by the passion for global restoration.

Our Work

The Power of Collective Restoration

The Pocket Project is at the forefront of a profound paradigm shift towards collective healing. There is a natural tendency in both individual and collective systems that leans towards healing. When provided with a trauma-informed expertise of heightened attunement and the safety of a well-held, coherent space, we can restore our relations. In this pivotal moment, we recognize that individual healing is inseparable from collective healing and both are necessary to address the great challenges of our times.

Our Approach & Activities

Awareness raising, growing our community of practice and spreading trauma-informed approaches enable us to initiate collective trauma integration. Our vigilance in evaluation and research allows for an evidence-based approach.
  1. Awareness Raising

We reach out to a global audience to raise awareness of the impact of individual, ancestral and collective trauma. Check out our website and sign up to our newsletter!

  1. Community of Practice

We grow communities of practice that cultivate the embodied presence, attunement and relational competence needed for the emergence of pockets of healing via community and global social witnessing calls and online practice groups. You can find the schedule of upcoming programs on our website.

  1. Trauma-informed Approaches

We offer education and consultancy to spread trauma-informed practice and policy to communities, organizations and government bodies.

  • Explore our self-study Trauma-Informed Leadership course. As leaders in our families, communities and workplaces, we can help to integrate traumatic content through relational and systems sensing. Each of us can create relational health and healing architectures in our spheres of influence.
  • Would you like your NGO, organization or community to shift to a culture of trauma-informed care? Reach out to the Pocket Project to learn more about our tailored consultancy offerings.
  1. Collective Trauma Integration
We engage with specific geographic and/or thematic areas of individual, ancestral and collective trauma and deliver processes for trauma integration to communities, organizations, and countries.
  • Each of our International Labs addresses a specific geographic or thematic area of collective trauma over a whole year. The Labs deepen the foundation of the work of the Pocket Project, expanding our understanding, and broadening our awareness and digestion of the collective trauma aftereffects within individuals and societies. Join us as we embark on a next cycle in October 2023.
  • Priority 1 – Mental Health In Crisis. Our professional teams provide psychosocial support for individual and societal stabilization in the face of hot trauma. Our Ukraine Support Project has benefited 15,251+ people.
  • Priority 2 – Migration & Displacement. We offer access to trauma-informed practice & policy, with a focus on historic and collective aspects, for growing streams of displaced people.
  • Priority 3 – Polarization & Conflict. We support trauma awareness and trauma integration in order to meet the roots of polarization and create mutual understanding across societal divides.
  • Priority 4 – The Climate Crisis. We provide frameworks to better understand and meet the roots of the climate crisis, counteract apathy and hyperactivation, and generate appropriate responsiveness. Join us in late November 2023 for our next Framework event for the UN Climate Conference COP28.
  1. Evaluation & Research

We create rapid feedback loops and research programs to generate the data that drives an evidence-based approach. Access our free online Resource Library where we distribute our research data and offer resources from diverse institutions and traditions in the field of trauma healing.

In the next three years

In the next three years, we are transitioning to become the ‘Global Restoration Institute’ or ‘Institute for Collective Restoration,’ focusing on restoring the stream of aliveness within individuals, families, communities, and societies. To learn more about our initiatives, visit our website and find our Annual Reports and our Three-year Preview.

Let’s work together to restore the stream of aliveness, in us, and in our families, communities and societies. Become a donor or Friend of the Pocket Project

“Our capacity to build a community of practice, through relatedness, coherence and resourcing, enables us to create spaces of safety and compassion. Previously exiled energy can begin to show up. This is the first step towards a healing movement.”

Kosha Joubert, CEO, The Pocket Project