The Healing Collective Trauma Book is Featured by Oprah Daily

The Oprah Daily blog just featured books on trauma. Among them is the book “Healing Collective Trauma” by Thomas Hübl. And nine other top-notch works.

We are very pleased about this, as it helps to spread knowledge on this important topic. Because: No matter how private or personal, trauma cannot belong solely to a family, or even to that family’s intricate ancestral tree. The consequences of trauma seep across communities, regions, lands, and nations. 

“If You Want to Understand the Spiritual Dimension of Collective Pain: Healing Collective Trauma, by Thomas Hübl”, says Elise Loehnen on Oprah Daily.

“Trauma is a big, cultural buzzword, which suggests that we’re rapidly becoming a more trauma-informed society—that said, even as it’s casually thrown around as a term, it’s a highly nuanced concept. Its etymology is ‘wound,’ and there are many iterations: deep, collective ones, as well as both glancing and insidious individual harms. Below, books for every variation and application.”

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