The Leading Edge of Thomas’s Teaching

The workshop with Thomas in August 2022 in Germany, with almost 300 people, was very deep and intense. Here we summarize some of the essential teachings.

The Violated Transgenerational Data Flow

How do I relate to my ancestors, my father and my grandfather for example, if they were involved in war crimes or something like that?

Summer Workshop 01I am not responsible for my father’s or my grandfather’s decisions and actions. But my job is to find a relationship to the impact. That’s a difference. And I can only find the relationship by doing my inner work. This means that I strengthen my inner space enough that I can relate to it. And the healthier that relationship becomes, the more I restore the flow of data. Because my parents are my parents by life.

My grandparents are my grandparents. I cannot not have them. The procreation data flow is above the ethical action in this case. Not that I have to agree with the actions, I’m not saying that. But I can’t separate myself from my parents. Because there I separate myself from life. If I deny my origin, then I turn off my life energy.

The other way is, I look at it, and then I heal something that needs healing, that needs to be healed. And if I don’t do that, then I pass it on to the next generation. Somebody has to transform it.

The world is sacred, it can’t be improved

Summer-Workshop 03The World is a Process in Motion
“Do you want to improve the world?
I don’t think it can be done.
The world is sacred.
It can’t be improved.
If you tamper with it, you’ll ruin it.
If you treat it like an object, you’ll lose it.”

Tao Te Ching, Verse 29 (translation by Stephen Mitchell)

In the Dharma Talk of an evening, Thomas read this verse from the Tao Te Ching and spoke about it:

This text is very challenging because many, including many of us, do want to improve the world. The world is not a separate object. It is always interacting with us. In trauma, a gap is created between me and the world. And then, out of this separation, I begin to create concepts for improvement.

The more connected we are with the living flow within us, the more the world is not an object out there, but the world and I are in an interdependence in a resonance field. I am then in resonance with the developmental energy of the world, of another person, of an organization, of a society.

Because the world is not something static that needs to be improved. The world is a movement, not an object. The world is an intelligent process that is in motion.


About Wisdom

Summer Workshop ThomasThe integration of experiences, traumatic, difficult and all others, is a learning process. Unintegrated life is learning that we have not yet harvested. Therefore, wisdom is the part of the world that I am connected to, that I can include in the way I live.

Wisdom is like a very concentrated accumulation of experiences. Everything that I cannot integrate does not (yet) add to my wisdom.

A healing impulse ripples back in time

Summer Workshop 02Your individual healing process, your integration work, sends an impulse like a domino effect in time. When we heal something in ourselves, it immediately ripples out to our parents. The individual integration opens the door for a deeper embodiment. So the spirit becomes more connected to matter. And that creates a flow back into time. It sends a healing impulse to our ancestors. And it also sends a healing impulse to our culture.

Every human being is a hub of consciousness. You are not a separate person, you are a hub, a lot of data flow. And the alchemy within that hub ripples out to the people we know today and those we know in time and space. It opens the world to our children and sends a healing impulse to our ancestors, regardless of whether they are still alive or not.

Unconscious energy is destiny

Summer Workshop 04Unconscious energy is destiny. It must repeat itself. Unconscious energy has no choice. The moment we become aware of an unconscious pattern, the energy becomes conscious, and it becomes pregnant with the future. That means it has a choice.

If something is unconscious, the choice was made some time in the past, in my childhood, by my parents or grandparents. The moment the pattern becomes conscious, we inject a new choice.

Presence is what is happening now. Healing is creating a connection between where trauma or the past was created – and the present moment. If we can manage to consciously experience the past and the now together in contact, the past gets an update. The past can only be updated when it is connected to the present.

All statements are from Thomas Hübl, August 2022, at the summer workshop in Germany.

True practitioners can be recognized by the fact that they no longer ask when they will arrive. They become the spiritual path without wanting to get it over with.

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