Author: Shelby Keys

Individual healing is an integral part of collective healing – in witnessing one another, we grow together. Our individual healing is magnified when we share

Being in uncertainty is usually an enormous trigger of fear. The situation gives us a chance not to try to get rid of our fear,

We design the world through the relationships we live and the relationship quality we pass on to the next generation. When we practice more awareness

Conversation is the Soul of Democracy. Here are the main initiatives of More Democracy, an organization committed to the further development of democracy in Germany

The Oprah Daily blog just featured books on trauma. Among them is the book “Healing Collective Trauma” by Thomas Hübl. And nine other top-notch works.

Report from a Timeless Wisdom Training retreat in Germany with Thomas Hübl By Matthew Green, Journalist There’s a mystery I’ve experienced in the past week

In October 2022, Thomas Hübl taught a workshop at the annual Next Practice Institute meeting in Boston, MA. The session covered principles of healing, grounding,

Matthew Green, Journalist, and Author of Aftershock: Fighting War, Surviving Trauma, and Finding Peace, and host of the Collective Trauma Summit 2022, wrote an article:

The workshop with Thomas in August 2022 in Germany, with almost 300 people, was very deep and intense. Here we summarize some of the essential

by Thomas Hübl, Select Excerpts   Abstract Much of human existence is filled with psychological trauma, yet there is limited investigation of the ubiquitous nature