U.S. Practice Group Leader Training


Are you called to develop your competencies and be supported to create a Practice Group in your area? Would you like to participate in facilitating the evolution of embodied spiritual practice utilizing conscious relational skill building, contemplative practices, and mystical principles? In the training, you will develop your skills in Transparent Communication and learn to help others to do the same.

Practice Groups are containers where one can develop competencies to explore the leading edge of personal and collective transformation, combine meditative practices, somatic and subtle awareness, and conscious cultural engagement in alignment with the teachings of Thomas Hübl. Transparent Communication practices of deep listening and seeing – ways of being more fully present and of communicating authentically – can open our awareness of deeper dimensions of our inner reality and change our relationships.

Taught by Thomas Hübl’s authorized instructors, Eva Giedt and Rae Riedel. 

This training is an opportunity for you to develop a caring system and to join the global field of Practice Group Leaders.

Thomas Hübl’s work has expanded worldwide and particularly in the U.S. Practice Group Leader Training has evolved over the past seven years in Germany, taught by Thomas’s Senior Students, Axel Perinchery, Susanne Ahlendorf and Vivian Kolbe. We are supporting the U.S. field with the U.S. Practice Group Leader Training.


If you are interested in finding out more about U.S. Practice Group Leader Trainings, you can meet the teachers and learn more HERE.

The U.S. Practice Group Leader Training will be taught online in English by Thomas Hübl’s authorized instructors, Eva Giedt and Rae Riedel.

For questions please write to: onlinecoursesupport@thomashuebl.com

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More knowledge – more practice – more reliability
The training for leaders of Practice Groups immerses students in Transparent Communication, a core competency in the work of Thomas Hübl. The training itself is a Practice Group container where you will experience and learn to create your own Practice Group.

Networks are the foundation for the formation of culture
The creation of culture requires a network of pioneers. If you feel the call to be a part of it, then you’re in the right place! The field of Inner Science practitioners is growing and you can be involved.

The training gives you:

  • Competences and tools to lead Inner Science Practice Groups
  • A certificate for the training
  • Networking with other Practice Groups and the national and international field
  • Participation in joint telephone and video conferences

The requirements are:

  • A firm commitment to participate in all the training modules and the online meetings
  • Continual participation in International PGL community online meetings 1 or 2 times per year. Your participation is welcomed and anticipated
  • Personal responsibility for making use of supervision sessions, if needed
  • Study of the online Transparent Communication course taught by Thomas Hübl. Access to the course materials is included with this program
  • You do not need to have previously completed a Thomas Hübl course

Main topics of the training are:

  • Interpersonal limits and competences
    • Developing the capacity to be transparent and empathetic
    • Seeing the shadow and the potential
    • Recognizing and facilitation group processes and dynamics
    • Training your intuition and inner/outer seeing
  • Transpersonal spaces & fields
    • Opening and holding spaces
    • Incorporating collective intelligence
    • Expanding multifaceted perspectives and field competences
  • Mysticism & meditation
    • Practicing meditation and contemplation exercises
    • Relating the principles of mysticism to group leadership
    • Understanding the relationship between vertical connections and horizontal experiences
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