In the Eyes of Others

Transparent communication in the we-culture

Often, when people speak to each other neither of them is really present. It seems as if an exchange is taking place, but if we feel into it more deeply we realize that both are merely adhering to their habits. This doesn’t lead either to a deeper understanding nor to a satisfying connection. How do we manage not to contract and to be consciously connected in every interaction, regardless of the content?

Every conversation is an art

Every moment can be experienced on many levels of consciousness. We color reality into our individual “universe of experience,” into our life, into our inner space of experience. And then our individual viewpoints are embedded in a collective field whose quality depends on our focus of consciousness, as well as that of all others.

CommunicationThe consciousness of our fellow human beings sometimes has an effect on the way we see the world. The more transparent and open our communication, the more nuances we perceive from our counterparts. All the subtle NOs that create an undiscovered barrier of exchange are immediately revealed. This alertness and ability is innate to all of us. However, many people have not yet learned to use it consciously.

Every moment contains far more information than most people perceive. The more awake we are in the present, the clearer the spectrum of possibilities that slumbers within us becomes.

A new WE

Transparent communication is one way of keeping us attentive. The way we see ourselves in the mirror in the morning is not the way others perceive us. The more we recognize the worlds in which our counterparts live as well as realizing that we appear in this world with a distorted face, the more we encounter each other in the depths of our being. We become increasingly aware of what motivates people to say and act, be it in partnerships, in personal relationships or in dealing with our children. In each interaction we will experience the expanded form of perception as enrichment. The more we see our fellow human beings from the inside, the clearer and more compassionate our communication will be.

CommunicationIf we recognize how a communication barrier is built up, we can consciously move through it and not create stagnating conflicts. Rather, we can align ourselves creatively with all the tension that arises. This is very effective in our daily work, in every company, institution and of course, in every therapeutic or healing context. A habitual communication can expand by quantum leaps if we learn to perceive the inner experience spaces of our counterpart. When everyone sees everything of everyone, when the worlds in which people live become obvious to us, when we no longer privatize anything and everything is transparent for everyone, a new basis of communication and knowledge emerges.

We call this Transparent Communication: It is the basis of a new We.

Transparent communication contains several factors: Every human being lives in their own individually colored world.

KommunikationIf we recognize that we do not meet people, but the worlds in which they live, we make a fundamental realization: Every person has their own color of reality. The respective filter system (all conditionings, belief systems, retained energies and potentials etc.) shapes the perception of the moment accordingly. If we perceive these inner spaces, we have a decisive communication advantage; we no longer see only ourselves.

Cognitive ability allows creativity to flow

As a starting point for transparent communication, we need the ability to recognize others’ inner experiences. How can this ability be developed if we all look into the world through different filters? First, we have to realize that we all live in different worlds of perception. Then I can open myself up to finding out how other people look, think, feel and consequently how their interior is shaped. Compassion, connectedness, and alertness are factors that increase our cognitive abilities. Every contact takes place in a field of consciousness.

CommunicationA basic rule of transparent communication is that the relationship space always remains open. As long as we stay open and connected, creativity flows. If we begin to narrow or close the space, we separate from our counterpart and a position is created. This inhibits the potential of the moment and we might leave the encounter frustrated. If we want to make communication an art, we need an elevated sensitivity for the space in which the exchange takes place. We can experience completely new forms of communication in conversation when we preserve the relationship space and at the same time see the inner world of our counterpart.

Mindfulness in presence

The more we can read the information of the moment in the field of consciousness, the more transparent people are to us, and the deeper our compassion and understanding will be. The more awake our perception is every moment, the more we recognize even the smallest signs of non-presence on the other side. It is as if the waves of the ocean hit the rocks on the shore. Transparent communication is, above all, a practice of creating more present fields and promoting awareness in the moment.

KommunikationTransparent communication, a form of awake interaction, can be used as a tool in all areas of life. Whether we are in therapeutic interventions, business conversations or our intimate relationships, the influence of alertness and compassion shows its effects everywhere. When this begins to spread throughout the world, we no longer find people sleepy and bored at their workplaces or in their relationships. Partnerships do not easily fall into repetitive patterns. The many potentials of our children can thus be better supported.

The clear flow of the moment is the foundation of every movement.

Movement FlowOur natural, innate gifts for empathic exchange show that we all have access to this form of communication. Often, it is buried by emotional blockages or has not been adequately trained in the course of our development. The more power and directness can be unfiltered and at the same time connected to the outside, the more authentic we are. Every energy or force in us that cannot live, pushes itself before our perception as a filter. We experience this as tension in our bodies, on an emotional level or as exaggerated thought activity. If we observe old Tai Chi masters in their practice, we can well see what an unfiltered free flow looks like.