Sonnenaufgang Stille-Retreat

Silent Retreat – Meditation and Contemplation 2024

With Susanne Ahlendorf and Martin Bruders


Today more than ever, meditation is a basis for a conscious life. For more and more people who are interested in conscious development, both individually, culturally and socially, participation in a retreat has become an essential resource.
Our lives are becoming faster and faster, more challenging and more complex. Crisis news takes up more space and time. This makes it all the more important to slow down and deepen our meditation practice. In addition to meditation, we have incorporated contemplative elements into the retreat. They create a less separate experience of inside and outside, of the inner self and the objects of the world. Ultimately, everything arises from the one source.

Food For The Soul

It is a time of stillness, of slowing down, of letting go of questions, of inner retreat, of listening to answers. Being without having to be someone in the immediacy of the present. Nothing is expected of you and there is nothing to achieve. The connection to the essence, to the deep source of life, is allowed to take center stage.

Surrounded by powerful nature, we will spend a week on an inner retreat and intimate contact with ourselves. Under the loving guidance of Susanne and Martin, you will experience a safe and protected space for your meditation. Through an increasingly subtle contemplative exploration of the now, we unfold the beauty of the moment. This is not about controlling thoughts or feelings, but about inclusion and the possibility of experiencing transcendence.

What you get at a glance

  • Helpful information on meditation practice
  • Balanced instructions for presence, silence and light meditation
  • Orientation through a proven daily routine
  • Energetic support for the retreat from Thomas Hübl
  • Digital detox
  • Proximity to nature
  • Held group container
  • Loving support from the experienced leadership team
  • Daily consultation hours
  • Power of a group field and meditation together
  • Delicious and balanced food

Sitting and walking meditations, conscious breathing, experiencing mindful presence and drawing new strength, experiencing inner and outer peace. A clear daily routine and practicing together as a group support the process of becoming aware. Guided meditations allow you intimate contact and a mindful encounter with yourself. Elements of object-related contemplation, meditative writing and listening to the source of a piece of music will support the process.

Thomas Hübl will accompany the meditation retreat energetically from a distance. This will strengthen our group container in a special way. Through the connection with Thomas we will receive additional support through the connection to a larger field.

What is, can happen

During this time, patterns and conditioning or even old injuries may emerge, the mind may become louder and many thoughts may come up. This is part of a mental detox process, which for most people creates space for the next authentic steps in life. To support you in this process, we offer daily consultation sessions during the retreat week, in which you can ask your questions or let us accompany your process in contact with us. An attitude of loving mindfulness and acceptance enables a deep, energetic process of clarification and expansion of consciousness.

This is how a typical week would look like:


Leadership Team

Martin Bruders and Susanne Ahlendorf have been leading meditation retreats for 10 years. Their empathic and attuned way of guiding is like a playful movement between yin and yang that picks up the participants at different docking points. She leaves enough room for lightness, is trauma-informed and at the same time provides orientation and security to embark on the very individual path of meditation. This also offers the possibility of deepening for every level of previous experience.
Martin and Susanne also share a passion for Christian and Jewish mysticism. They are the founders of the project.

Susanne and Martin have had a close student-teacher relationship with Thomas Hübl for 18 and 16 years respectively. As senior students, they are involved in various projects and groups.

The universe is full of secrets. Those who seek to discover them must become still and listen.


“Extremely empathetic and sensitive accompaniment through the silence. Susanne and Martin’s years of experience were tangible and gave me great confidence on the trip.”

“Super. The structure was perfect, the gentle start, the build-up over the following days, the suggestion of other forms of meditation. Sometimes I had the impression that you could read my mind, because that’s exactly when the impulse came.”

“The retreat met me where I am right now in a pleasant and challenging way. Martin and Susanna stood by me when I had difficulties and gave me enough space for my own development. My meditation practice has deepened and developed and has become a resource for me.”

“I had no meditation experience and the seminar was an incredible, enriching experience for me.”

“I experienced this time as very intense. I could never have imagined that I would enjoy sitting in silence with several people. I would have loved to extend the week again. An experience I would not have wanted to miss.”

Impressions of the Sophia seminar house and the surrounding area

Organizational Details

Date: Sunday, 20th October – Sunday, 27th October 2024

Time: Start 6pm, End: 12.30pm

The retreat is open to all levels of meditation experience.

Costs for the Retreat:

Early bird price: 430 EUR incl. taxes until 31st of August 2024
Normal price: 490 EUR incl. taxes

Accommodation Costs:

Full board (40 €/day) vegetarian & organic is included in the room price. For special requests, food intolerances, etc., the cook will charge a surcharge of €3.00/person and day
70 Euro for overnight stay in mattress dormitory, self-sufficient mobile home
73 Euro in a four-bed room (shared bathroom)
75 Euro in a triple room (shared bathroom)
78 Euro in a double room (shared bathroom)
80 Euro in a triple room with bathroom
85 Euro in a double room with bathroom
Single room from 99 Euro, please inquire

Please bring your own bed linen and/or towels. Rental is possible – costs 9 Euro/person

Room reservation: | Tel: +49 (0)5862 – 941 1374
Minimum number of participants: 8 (If there are less than 15 participants, only one of the speakers will lead the retreat on site).
Contact: for an inquiry about the Silent Retreat please click here | Phone: +49 (0)4407 – 716 094
Venue: Seminar house “Sophia” Address: An der Elbe 2, 29490 Drethem Website:

Please note: A room can only be booked bindingly once participation in the silent retreat has been booked!


Oct 20 - 27, 2024


6:00 pm - 12:30 pm



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  • Susanne Ahlendorf
    Susanne Ahlendorf
    Alternative practitioner for psychotherapy, practitioner of the NARM® developmental trauma method

    Susanne Ahelndorf practices in her own psychotherapeutic practice in Frankfurt am Main. She is a non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy and practitioner of the developmental trauma method NARM®. She has been leading continuing education and training groups since 1998 on topics such as meditation, Transparent Communication according to Thomas Hübl®, Mysticism & Healing, continuing education in an educational context as well as annual trainings “Women’s ROOM”. Since 2020 Susanne has been giving courses together with Martin Bruders under the name MakeSpaceForGrace.

  • Martin Bruders
    Martin Bruders
    Graduate social worker, mediator and coach

    Martin Bruders is a qualified social worker, mediator and coach. He worked for over 28 years as a comedian and presenter at over 2000 corporate events in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. His inner exploring expedition journey is as much about his meditation practice as it is about his daily life.