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New Course of Study: MA in Inner Science at Ubiquity University

The Academy of Inner Science (AIS) is excited to establish a strategic partnership with Ubiquity University (UU) to offer a “Master of Arts in Inner Science” (MA IS) degree to learners who are interested in the field of inner science and who desire to work within the domain of facilitating and transforming local/global organizations and community.

AIS and UU share the same vision of extending the existing domain of science by exploring “inner science.” Inner Science is understood to be the study practice of, as well as research into, mystical principles.

This program enables you to develop knowledge and understanding within and across specific subject areas of physical, life, and human science from a standpoint that combines learning, self-reflection, and practical application.

This MA program:

  • Offers a path of spiritual development on the individual, collective, and transpersonal levels.
  • Fosters research combining the study of inner science with the knowledge of the outer sciences, based on their interrelated and interdependent aspects.
  • Provides supervision for MA students on both the scientific/discipline-specific level and the personal/spiritual level.
  • Those who have graduated Timeless Wisdom Training in Germany / USA already will receive 9 credits automatically.

The application and admission process will open on July 1st and will end on August 31 (for 2020). The first trimester will begin on September 1st in 2020.

You can get more detailed information here >>

Here is the AIS Inner Science Program Handbook


Dr. Gyorgyi Szabo, Dean of Graduate Studies at Ubiquity University –

Dr. Kazuma Matoba, Program Manager for AIS –

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