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Thomas Hübl, founder

Thomas Hübl is the founder and director of the Academy of Inner Science. Under his guidance, the Academy offers multi-year programs, retreats, workshops, practice groups, and facilitation training. These programs aim to support individuals in their own personal development as well as provide the opportunity for collective development.

The Academy’s core faculty includes psychotherapists, psychologists, medical professionals, coaches, and bodyworkers who have been trained in Thomas’ core practices and methods. They regularly offer workshops, seminars, and retreats, mostly in Germany, including the Mysticism and Healing workshop series, which helps established healing professionals to enhance their existing competencies by accessing a deeper dimension in their work.

Faculty Members

Markus Hirzig

Born: 1959
Languages: German, English

Marcus Hirzig has been working with people for more than 30 years. He began as as a physiotherapist and for the last 20 years has been an osteopath, as well as trainer and coach. He is also trained in NLP and hypnotic trance (Milton Erickson).

Markus has worked extensively with Thomas Hübl since 2002, and has provided support to participants in his seminars for a number of years. He is involved in the further development of the members of the Assistant Team for Thomas Hübl. He accompanied the Timeless Wisdom Training 1 and 2 and facilitates mentoring groups in Thomas’s healing and mystical principles online courses.

Markus lives in Berlin, Germany.

More info: www.hirzig.de

Martin Bruders

Languages: German, English

Martin Bruders is a certified social worker, mediator and coach and has been a comedian for over 28 years at over 2,000 corporate events in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. He loves to deepen his self-exploration both through his meditation practice and his daily life. He is the father of 4 children aged 14-21 years. In the last ten years he has been studying intensively with Thomas and is part of his core group. Especially an increased intimacy and honesty between people through the teachings of Thomas touches him in a radical way. Martin is the inventor of the Integral Roadshow, an infotainment show on the integral model of Ken Wilber and co-founder of the Institute for Global Integral Competence (IfGIC) and Innerplace Berlin.

More info: www.martinbruders.de

Elke Pfister

Languages: German, English

Elke Pfister is alternative practitioner for psychotherapy and has her own practice near Munich, Germany, offering depth-psychology-oriented psychotherapy for adults, couple counseling and therapy. She has a 10-year practice in energetic healing according to INEH (International Network of Energetic Healing). Transparent Communication as taught by Thomas Hübl, combined with modern developmental psychology shape her therapeutic framework.

More info: www.praxis-pfister.com

Jürgen Wölfl

Languages: German, English

Jürgen Wölfl has studied protestant theology and psychology and has been trained in psychodrama-therapy (the classical psychodrama by J.L. Moreno). After working with children and teenagers and their families for several years, he worked in a psychosomatic clinic for adults suffering from depression, addictions and panic disorders.

For the last four years he has had his own private practice in Berlin for individuals, couples, groups and teams. In psychotherapy, therapy for mindfulness, coaching and supervision he combines psychological and psychotherapeutic knowledge with the mystical dimension. He has been a member of Thomas Hübl´s assistant team and was an assistant in the Timeless Wisdom Training 3.

More info: www.juergenwoelfl.de

Berit Lütteke

Languages: German, English

Graduate psychologist; single, couples, and family therapist (DGSF)

Berit Lütteke offers counseling, coaching, and psychotherapy in private practice, and has many years working in a counseling center for parents, children and adolescents as well as in-patient care.

She is experienced in group leadership, team supervision, leadership training, crisis support and workshops for couples. She has been a member of Thomas Hübl’s assistant team since 2007.

Auke van Nimwegen

Language: English

Auke van Nimwegen has lived in worked in different countries around the world and has always had an interest in finding out what drives people. In 2004 he learned about Spiral Dynamics which has been an important map in his work in facilitating personal, team, organizational and social transformation. He has been teaching Spiral Dynamics Integral in The Netherlands and Germany and has worked closely with Don Beck.

In his work he combines his knowledge in management, entrepreneurship and project management with experience as a group leader and coach for personal development.

Susanne Ahlendorf

Born: 1963
Languages: German, English

Susanne Ahlendorf has her own psychotherapy practice in Frankfurt, Germany.

She has been leading education groups and trainings since 1998 in meditation and communication, Transparent Communication by Thomas Hübl®, and Mysticism and Healing. She is leading the one-year training “Frauen-Raum” (woman’s space), teacher trainings, and practice group leader trainings.

Susanne has been working with Thomas Hübl for the past 11 years, and has been a member of his Assistant team since 2007. She has accompanied the Timeless Wisdom Training 1, 2 and 4, and is a faculty member of the Academy of Inner Science.

More info: www.susanneahlendorf.de

Heidi Wohlhüter

Languages: German, English

Certified behavioral therapist (DGVT) and supervisor (DGVT) as well as a certified child and youth therapist.

Heidi Wohlhüter has been working for almost 20 years in a psychiatric day clinic, and 10 years in her private practice, where she offers group and individual sessions. She also works as a supervisor for therapists, teams and psychologists, supporting them in their shadow work and professionalization.

Heidi’s mission is to support people in creating a space in which healing can take place.
Heidi has been a student of Thomas for over ten years, and is part of the assistance group. She is was an assistant in the Timeless Wisdom Training 4, and is currently an assistant for the Timeless Wisdom Training 5. She leads the “Transparent Communication” practice group in Aachen.

More info:  www.wohlhueter-integral.de

Axel Perinchery

Languages: German, English

Axel Perinchery is alternative practitioner for psychotherapy and is working in his own psychotherapeutic practice. He provides coaching, training and projects on topics such as transcultural management, transparent communication and integral consciousness development. Axel participated in Timeless Wisdom Training 1, assisted in Timeless Wisdom Training 3 and has been training the practice group leaders at the Academy of Inner Science since 2011.

Anne Huhn

Languages: German, English

Anne Huhn is a certified psychologist and psychotherapist, trained in various humanistic therapies. She has been supporting people in crisis situations for 25 years. In her work with individuals, couples, and in her yearlong trainings for women, she integrates psychotherapeutic and intuitive knowledge in order to open up a space for growth, personal development and awareness.

Exploring the effects of mystical principles combined with psychotherapeutic experience deepened her understanding of healing, attachment and integration of shadow aspects. Anne has been an instructor in Timeless Wisdom Training 3 and 4 and is a member of Thomas Hübl’s assistant team.

Rae Riedel

Language: English

Dr. Rae has 30+ years of experience in natural medicine. She is a Doctor of Chiropractic and a Functional Medicine. She holds a Master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology, is trained in Hakomi (Body Centered and Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy), and internationally facilitates and certifies others in Integrative Breathwork.

She has intensively studied nature-based wisdom, Shamanic traditions, and has been a student of Thomas Hübl since 2011, assisting him in his U.S. based programs including the Timeless Wisdom Training and the U.S. Core Group. She is co-faculty for the U.S. Practice Group Leader Training. She embodies her work, blending her diverse experience in offering a body-mind-heart-spirit approach with patients, students, and clients alike.

Eva Giedt

Language: English

Eva is a psychotherapist and mental health nurse practitioner in private practice and offers online private sessions utilizing mystical principles. She is passionate about embodied purposeful living, conscious relationship, field awareness, and the explorations at the edge of the known and unknown. She works with individuals and facilitates groups and corporate wellness trainings. She teaches meditation and Qi Gong and is a certified Hakomi Therapist. She has been involved in healthcare as a practitioner and teacher for 30+ years.

In 2011, she participated in the first US intensive with Thomas and has worked closely with him ever since. She has assisted Thomas in numerous US events and online courses with international reach. She is also a mentor for many of the online courses.  She recently assisted the first Timeless Wisdom Training USA two year intensive and currently assists in the first USA Core Alumni Group. She works and lives in Marin and Monterey California. 

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