Advanced Training Groups

There are two types of advanced training groups that provide leadership and assistance within the Thomas Hubl network: the Core Group and the Assistants Group.

The Core Group

The Core Group consists of Thomas’s advanced, long-term students who are typically alumni of the Timeless Wisdom Training. The Core Group forms a special community of practitioners who commit to a year of activity, gathering together three times a year to continue their studies and deepen their practice and understanding of mystical principles, embodiment, shadow work, and collective aspects of work and service in the world.

In 2020, the Core Group Europe has 306 members and will meet for the first time in the Netherlands in January. The Core Group US has about 100 participants.

Innerscience Training Group

The Innerscience Training Group is comprised of individuals who are established professionals in people-oriented occupations—such as psychotherapists, psychologists, medical professionals, coaches, group leaders, bodyworkers—who seek to deepen their experience as process facilitators or group leaders within their profession.

This group trains in certain skills derived from mystical principles as well as science so that they can expand their capacities to work with their patients and clients in their chosen profession. They learn to refine their existing professional competencies by accessing a deeper dimension in their work through the practices of transparent communication, subtle awareness, and highly refined group work.

Members of the Innerscience Training Group participate in the Timeless Wisdom Training our Celebrate Life Festival, and/or other retreats, acting as a support team for Thomas and assisting event participants one-on-one.