A Meditation for the Holidays

The holidays. Those two words often conjure up mixed feelings – joy and stress, love and loneliness. Whether it’s relational dynamics, lists of things to do, or an inner tsunami of emotional triggers, the holidays can be a challenging time.

When we take a few minutes to be present in our bodies, we can move towards a place of inner stillness, even on the busiest of days.

Enjoy this guided meditation from Thomas, to help ground you during the holidays and beyond:

[To download the meditation audio file, click here]

Meditation guides us to the place of inner awareness and resourcing. As Thomas says, “It’s the presence that gives rise to the becoming of life. Stillness becomes our inner sanctuary. It’s the place of insight, illumination, and guidance.”

Note: This meditation is from the Mystic Café, a membership program that includes LIVE monthly teachings and Q&A with Thomas. To find out more, please visit mysticcafeonline.com.