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Trauma and Our Spiritual Path

In-person Workshop in Israel

Time: Wednesday, February 23, ​9:00-10:30 h Israel Standart Time
Thomas Hübl at the ‘One Heart’ Peace Convention – Event 2022
Venue: Ehvam – Arava Spiritual Center, in Moa Oasis, Israel

The Third Peace Convention – One Heart
A Gathering of Opening Hearts, of Love and Compassion, of People of Various Spiritual Traditions and Different National Groups, February 21-23, 2022

What is collective trauma, and more importantly – how can it be cured?

Just as in personal therapy the patient is required to go through his childhood traumas in order to become a mentally healthy adult, the same is required when treating the traumas of populations and nations.

Over the years, Thomas Hübl has guided numerous events in which Israelis and Germans worked together to process events of the Holocaust, as well as the collective traumas engraved in them as a result. He also helps heal collective traumas created in areas suffering from racism, oppression, genocide and similar challenges. Hübl’s work combines deep insights he has gathered exploring traditional cultures together with scientific innovations.

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