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Jul. 31 - Aug. 7, 2022
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Summer Intensive: Deepening our Resilience – a Conscious Community Event

We are planning a summer workshop with about 500 participants on site at Hof Oberlethe, with Thomas Hübl. Online participation is also planned. Except for the date, nothing is fixed yet. The hygiene regulations will be coordinated and announced promptly with those then officially valid in Lower Saxony. This is not a Celebrate-Life-Festival – that is cancelled.

The language of the on-site workshop will be German.

Please do not make any inquiries to us, or to Hof Oberlethe, because we cannot say more than is written here. All news will be published here on this page and in the newsletter.

Planned date – please note if you are interested: Sunday, July 31 to Sunday August 7, 2022.

Many people are hungry for deep connection and a conscious community coming together to learn, deepen, heal and celebrate. That’s why we developed an event that carries the spirit of Celebrate Life and offers a deep workshop like space to digest and integrate 2 years of crisis, global impact and massive change within our lives. We want to explore the places where trauma and collective trauma have been triggered or touched in us and how we can transform that and come out of the crisis wiser, more related and resilient and more connected to the global development of today.

The Covid crisis changed our individual lives and habits, our collective experience and the global situation all around the world. We want to digest and integrate that time and the trauma it created and touched in us and allow for a post crisis learning.

Through deep relating and processes, meditations, presencing, movement, dance, community and group work we want to harvest the individual and collective healing power that a coherent group can provide.

In the spirit of the Celebrate life festival we want to come together and learn, presence, relate and also celebrate together

All further information will follow. The registration for the workshop with us as well as a reservation of accommodation places on Hof Oberlethe is not yet possible.

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