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Mar. 30 - Apr. 2, 2020

Global Social Witnessing_Lab 2020

Global Social Witnessing_Lab 2020: “Be present, Feel what you see, Become a global witness”

When we see people on the news – children in famine in Africa or a crying mother with her dead child in Syria – we feel touched and empathetic with these people. This often happens, but the impression is not permanent, because it is just too much for us and we do not always want to deal with it. These everyday thoughts are deeply rooted in an individualistic dualism: I and the world (the Other) are separated. Through climate change and refugee crisis, however, we have begun to realize that we are interconnected. So we can testify to suffering people with belief that we are not separate from them, but we and they are part of a great system.

How can we be mentally, emotionally and physically present with all human and living beings who experience intense and profound moments of struggling, doubting, and suffering? Global Social Witnessing is an educational method to develop human capacity to mindfully attend to global events with an embodied awareness, thereby creating an inner world space mirroring these events.

The GSW-Lab 2020 will provide a space where diverse perspectives / experiences from artists, scientists, spiritual practitioners, and political activists will inspire participants to better understand and embody GSW within their mind, heart, and body. Throughout the lab, we will co-create new ideas, strategies, tools, and energy to help us become mature global citizens in our times of disruption and transformation.

Source of inspiration are: Thomas Hübl (Tel Aviv), Otto Scharmer (MIT), Aftab Omer (Meridian University), Werner Vogt (UWH), Terje Sparby (UWH), Wendelin Köpers (Karlshochschule), Shelley Sacks (Oxford Brookes University), Georg Müller-Christ (University Bremen), Keval Kaur Khalsa (Duke University), Stefan Häfliger (City University of London), Takeo Oku (University of Shiga/Japan), Mette Böll (MIT), Beth Yoshida-Fisher (Columbia University) and 20 artists and social activists.

All these contributors will be present personally, only Otto Scharmer will be connected via video conference.

All change-makers (educators, activists, artists, scientists, students, therapists etc.) are welcome!

The Event will take place in English
Venue: University Witten / Herdecke, Alfred-Herrhausen-Straße 50, Witten / Germany
Info and Registration: www.globalsocialwitnessing.org
Kontact: kazuma.matoba@ifgic.org

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