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Apr. 16, 2020

Evolutionary Relationships

A 7-session online training program of essential tools for understanding our own and client’s relationship dynamics in order to create deeper, and more intimate partnerships.

Registration closes April 16.

Creating Mystical Partnerships for Healing & Waking Up

Explore relationship as a crucible for spiritual growth and transformation. When we are in a deep relationship with another, we have a special opportunity to have someone who can reflect back to us what they see and tell us the truth moment to moment.

With this reflection, we create the perfect container for those ready to accelerate their spiritual journey.

This course includes powerful ideas and frameworks taught by Thomas and Terry, including fierce intimacy, the active practice of cherishing, non-bypassing, and the importance of creating time and space for reflection.

With these tools, each point of connection is one that not only strengthens the relationship but also strengthens each of the partners individually.

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