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Apr. 11, 2022

Ukraine-Krieg, Trauma und osteuropäische Länder

Ruxandra Mercea (vom Wellbeing Institute, Romania) und ​​Thomas Hübl im Gespräch
Montag, 11. April, 19 bis 20 Uhr Berlin, 20 bis 21 Uhr rumänischer Zeit, Online Webinar auf Englisch

The conversation will take place in English and participants will be able to type in questions in the second part of the webinars. For those who don’t speak English or can’t attend live, all webinars will be published later with subtitles in Romanian and Ukrainian.

The Eastern European relationship with Russia is complicated. The Russian invasion in Ukraine has been a traumatic time for many of us; seeing the loss and suffering of our neighbours has been difficult in more than one way.

Watching the events unfold is opening up old wounds of communism. The older generations remember the struggles and pain brought on by a conflict that was similar in many ways. This collective trauma, shared by many peoples, embedded in our cultures, is likely being triggered by the war.

Thomas Hübl, trauma expert, will talk in more detail about how you could be affected by this past collective trauma in addition to the current crisis, and how we can work together to heal trauma, old and new.

Join us for the next webinar in the series and gain essential competencies so that you can begin to heal and do not carry the weight of the crisis with you for many years to come.

Ruxandra and Thomas unpack how the Ukrainian war is opening up the old wounds of communism and how this collective trauma can be healed.

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