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Feb. 3 - Feb. 13, 2021

10tägige Praxis Challenge

Erhalte täglich einen spirituellen Impuls von Thomas, geführte Meditationen und Bewusstseins-Übungen, plus Reflexion darüber und eine Nachschlagefunktion …

Beginnt am 3. Februar (auf Englisch)!

How it works:
You’ll gather with Thomas and the membership community to kick off this new Practice Challenge during a special LIVE online session on February 3.

Then, for 10 days, you’ll receive a daily recording from Thomas with a new teaching and journal exercise. Each day you’ll build new muscles and strengthen your capacity to be present and resilient, even in the face of difficult moments in your life.

At the end of the 10 days, the community will come together with Thomas LIVE on February 13 to share insights and experiences of the 10-Day Challenge and to explore what’s possible now.

Daily Schedule:

Day 1: Behind Every Difficulty Is the Potential for Growth
Day 2: The 3-Sync Meditation
Day 3: Mapping Your Resources
Day 4: Working with Emotions Meditation
Day 5: Presencing Numbness and Disassociation
Day 6: Creating Space to Detox and Digest
Day 7: Exploring Relational Spaces
Day 8: Working with Conflict
Day 9: Being in Relation to the World
Day 10: Feeling Our Interdependence

Join The Mystic Café by February 3rd and take the 10-Day Practice Challenge!