Practice Groups

Local group practice is a powerful way to deepen and expand the benefits of Thomas Hübl’s teachings from his online courses, workshops, and trainings.

Practice groups serve as guideposts on the spiritual journey and can help you integrate spiritual practice in the context of your daily life.

Practicing with like-minded individuals in a caring and nurturing environment continually reconnects you to the depth of the teachings and provides a sturdy pillar of support for your personal development.

Together, groups explore integration work, mystical principles, sacred texts, and of course meditation and contemplation. Groups also consider current topics, share life issues and potential solutions, have inspirational dialogues, and further explore Thomas’s teachings.

Leaders of practice groups have completed a special practice group leadership training, or the Timeless Wisdom Training, and remain current by attending regular annual workshops to deepen their skills as practice group leaders. As our group leaders enrich their own personal practice and share their expertise, the local community benefits with ever-deepening spiritual practices.

The U.S. Practice Group Leadership Trainings are held every year.

This training is for those who feel called to lead a Practice Group in their area to facilitate the evolution of conscious communication, and to build their own skills by teaching and leading others.


There are online groups, face-to-face groups, closed groups, drop-in groups, groups with a specific focus, groups only for experienced students, etc., but they generally follow a similar format. There are also Pilot Practice Groups and unofficial Groups that do not appear here.


Are you interested in creating a new practice group in your area? Become a Practice Group Leader by first completing Thomas Hübl’s Timeless Wisdom Training course, being a member of the EU or US Core Groups and/or completing the Practice Group Leader Training US or Practice Group Leader Training EU.

If you wish to apply for full approval for your Practice Group, please fill out this form. Once your group has been approved by the team/ Thomas Hübl, we will share the link for the online registration with you.