Practice Groups

Local group practice is a powerful way to deepen and expand the benefits of Thomas Hübl’s teachings from his online courses, workshops, and trainings. Practice groups serve as guideposts on the spiritual journey and can help you integrate spiritual practice in the context of your daily life.

Practicing with like-minded individuals in a caring and nurturing environment continually reconnects you to the depth of the teachings and provides a sturdy pillar of support for your personal development.

Together, groups explore integration work, mystical principles, sacred texts, and of course meditation and contemplation. Groups also consider current topics, share life issues and potential solutions, have inspirational dialogues, and further explore Thomas’s teachings.

All of our official practice groups are authorized by Thomas and are run by leaders trained in his methods. Leaders in Europe have completed a special practice group leadership training, or the Timesless Wisdom Training, and remain current by attending regular annual workshops to deepen their skills as practice group leaders. As our group leaders enrich their own personal practice and share their expertise, the local community benefits with ever-deepening spiritual practices.

In the U.S. there is no such training (yet) and it is decided individually by Thomas and the practice group supervisor team in Germany who gets the permission to lead a group.

We will continue to grow our flourishing network of self-learning and self-awakening centers in the field, creating a space of deep listening and deeper attunement through the practice of the principles of transparent communication, mindfulness, and presencing around the world.

On this world map all existing groups are listed with their contact data:

Creating a New Practice Group

Interested in creating a new practice group in your area? Become a group leader by first completing Thomas’ Timeless Wisdom Training course and then taking our special Practice Group Training and/or becoming a member of the Core Group with Thomas.

To ensure a successful start to your new group and to support you during the initial meetings, we encourage you to have a conversation with at least one of our practice group leader trainers at locations marked in red on the map above. These trainers have volunteered to be mentors and can help answer any questions you might have.

Axel Perinchery & Susanne Ahlendorf

Axel Perinchery & Susanne Ahlendorf

Axel Perinchery and Susanne Ahlendorf represent the practice group field. They lead the practice group leader training, which has already taken place seven times. And they organize the annual refresher meeting for practice group leaders in Germany. They also maintain contact between the individual groups.

Please contact us for further information on becoming a practice group leader.

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