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Thomas Hübl offers two or more live online courses each year, attended by participants in more than 30 countries.

These in-depth seminars typically include live online teaching and Q&A with Thomas, guided meditations, facilitated discussion groups, and triads. Downloadable audio and video recordings and transcripts are included with these courses, in both English and German.

Upcoming Courses

Registration for the next live online course with Thomas will open in the Fall of 2018. More details about the course will be announced soon! Subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates by email.


Study at Your Own Pace!

Some of Thomas’s popular online courses are available for self-paced study! Each course includes video and audio recordings, guided meditations, transcripts, graphic illustrations, and more.

New: The Mystic’s Guide to Transforming Stress

In this short, practical course, you’ll gain a greater understanding of what stress is and what it is not.

You’ll discover with new clarity how your body, mind, and emotions work, and you’ll be able to conduct what Thomas calls “inner hygiene” to cleanse and recharge your battery, replenish your soul energy, and fully embrace and celebrate your freedom and creativity in every moment.

With Thomas’ beautifully simple yet profound teachings, you’ll find the tools to transform stress into strength.

Special offer: Enroll now and save $50

The Art of Transparent Communication

Transparent Communication is a set of principles and practices — developed over 15 years by Thomas Hübl and his students — that help introduce more openness, clarity, and presence into everyday interactions.

When you train in the mystical art of transparent communication, you’ll refine your knowledge and understanding of space, presence, energy, and movement while awakening within the social and relational field of your life.

This comprehensive online course includes 7 pre-recorded course sessions. Each module offers homework exercises to help you apply the principles right away in daily life.

Special offer: Enroll now and save $50

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