Download Meditation

The Download Meditation is a 45-minute virtual group meditation practice, held on the first and third Tuesday of each month.

No technology is required to participate!

“Download” refers simply to the transmission that is felt when meditators from all over the world join together for a presencing meditation experienced through a global field. Participants are able to access deeper, more profound states of consciousness from a higher channel of energy, receiving a transmission that is often experienced as a shower of light that facilitates our ability to access what is often called higher consciousness, higher self, or soul-consciousness.

During the Download Meditation, we sit in receptivity and silence, connecting to the field in both the vertical and horizontal dimensions. We simply let the fields support us in our sitting.

Many people say that they feel a strong presence or strong flows of energy through their bodies, as well as insights or illumination. Sometimes they have an experience of light.

Through presencing and going deeper into the meditation, we can experience the silence, timelessness, and connection to our higher consciousness. We also become receptive to the blessings, insights, and creativity that the meditation can generate.

The meditation concludes after about 45 minutes. We return to the world restored, becoming aware of our body. At the end of the meditation we take a couple of deeper breaths, and then we go back into our day.

VIDEO: Thomas Hübl talks about the background of the download meditation and gives some instructions:

First and third Tuesday each month

Download Meditation

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