Connecting with ZOOM Meeting on a Mobile

Before the session begins, you’ll see a waiting screen like this one:


If you are prompted for a passcode, you can enter it in this window (check the event page for a passcode or contact


You may need to enter your name:


Once the meeting is open, you’ll see the session title card. Check to make sure your audio is connected. If you cannot hear anything, click JOIN AUDIO on the lower left, then select CALL OVER INTERNET.


Once connected properly, your ZOOM window should look similar to this:


At the bottom of your ZOOM window,
you’ll have the following options at your disposal:


Unmute/Join Audio

If you have already selected Join Audio/Call Over Internet, then you’ll see Unmute on the lower left of your ZOOM window:


If not, then click Join Audio on the lower left, then select CALL OVER INTERNET to connect and hear the conference.

Start Video

If you decide to turn on your video, your image could be seen by all students, hosts and Thomas. We recommend that you leave your video on so as to create a more classroom-like feel. However your privacy is important to us and you can turn off your video at any time. 



Please be mindful in your use of the chat, by responding to prompts from the host or to submit related comments. Your contributions to the chat during sessions are valuable to everyone’s experience. Click the MORE button at the bottom of your ZOOM window:


Then select CHAT:


Raise Hand

To ask a question or contribute live, you can raise your hand by clicking on the MORE button at the bottom of your ZOOM window:


Then select RAISE HAND:


If you are chosen to come and ask a question or share, you will need to unmute yourself.


Leave Meeting/Leave

If you need to update ZOOM or if you have problems with the session, go ahead and leave the meeting, update if you need to, and come right back using the same link or meeting ID & passcode. This will reset and hopefully clear any issues you may be experiencing.