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The 10-Day Practice Challenge

Over one thousand people around the world participated in the first Mystic Café meditation challenge.

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of the online Mystic Café, Thomas created a 10-Day Practice Challenge and invited members to participate.

The series of guided meditations and practices help build awareness, presence, and resilience in everyday life.

The daily practice during the 10-Day Challenge consisted of: morning meditation for at least 20 minutes; brief “moments” of practice throughout the day; and journal writing in the evening.

Thomas kicked off the challenge with this invitation: “We are building a practice together. Then we will see how that affects our daily life, how that affects our practice, and how that also affects our community – our virtual online Sangha, which is a container for practice.” 

The topics for the 10-Day Practice Challenge include

  • Day 1: Inner Body Mapping 
  • Day 2: Mapping the Emotional System 
  • Day 3: Mapping the Mind
  • Day 4: Levels of Stillness 
  • Day 5: Levels of Light
  • Day 6: Connecting to the Environment
  • Day 7: Connecting to Nature
  • Day 8: Connecting to Culture
  • Day 9: Connecting to God
  • Day 10: Presencing the Divine

Many of the members generously gave permission for us to share their experience of the 10-Day Practice Challenge.

Below are just a few of their comments.

“I loved the 10-Day Challenge. Every day, there was a deepening of my meditation where I dropped into the quiet stillness of pure consciousness and was able to stay there longer and longer. I felt the pulsing of that consciousness more fully in my body with each day that passed, culminating on Day 10 when I was in meditation for 45 minutes and experienced the pulsing throughout my whole body. It was a really beautiful experience.”
– Sue M. Psychologist and alternative healer, South Africa


“I have never practiced 10 days in a row as I am fairly new to meditation. I felt calmer and more grounded and I did feel connected to the meditation field. I am currently alcohol-free as I was using it to cope with anxiety, I felt no need whatsoever for returning to that coping method. I felt less anxiety and nervousness overall and felt hopeful for a lasting way to find peace.”
 – Ivy O., Colorado, USA


“I found the whole process quite amazing, and was intrigued with how my awareness was responding differently in each session. I’m not an experienced meditator, but have been searching for a spiritual teacher, so felt compelled to enroll in this challenge in order to learn more about myself and how to commit to a meditation practice. I actually felt some anxiety about the need to sit for 20 minutes, so found it really difficult to stay present, even though I was aware of my body relaxing and my breathing slowing. Having said this, however, I had some really startling surprises during the time that I was actually participating, particularly the one where I accessed the soul above my head. That was really beautiful.”
– Rosalind V., Holistic Counsellor and Psychotherapist: NSW, Australia


“I found myself in a somewhat tensed and charged exchange with someone I trust and value regarding the pandemic. I quickly realized that our points of view were not the same and continuing this conversation could have polarized us in different camps. As the other person was sharing his view and perspective and I was listening him, I could feel tension in my body and contraction in my solar plexus. And then, I recalled the theme of the meditation that morning and silently asked God: “Who do you want me to be in this situation? How would you respond in this situation?” (I was experiencing a horizontal connection with this person AND at the same time a vertical connection with God which is unusual and very new to me.) I heard my inner voice say: choose humility. As he finished talking, I simply said: “I do not know what’s true in this pandemic situation. I do not pretend I have the truth. I simply have opinions and a perspective that resonates with me.”  And that ended the conversation without confrontation. I was very surprised to realize how I navigated this situation without feeding polarization. I am very touched by this experience.”
– Nathalie S., Quebec, Canada


“The final Presencing the Divine meditation was an especially deep contemplation experience. I belong in a group that is in a crisis of growing pains. I had been quite anxious about an upcoming Zoom meeting later that day. Following the meditation, I had a very inspired idea of how to present a focus that would unite us. The words that occurred to me were not words I’d usually use. I even had to clarify one of the words that came through using my old fashioned dictionary. 😀  It was a truly inspired download. The group responded in total agreement. A very big success.”
– Jean M. Retired RN, Campbell River, BC, Canada


We literally received hundreds of comments and appreciations for the 10-Day Challenge and some of the participants are even doing the Challenge again on their own. 


To find out how you can join the Mystic Café and get the 10-Day Challenge as a bonus, please visit

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