School of collective trauma integration

School of collective trauma integration – SCTI

The School of Collective Trauma Integration is a department of the Academy of Inner Science- AIS and serves the education of various disciplines related to collective trauma integration. 

SCTI runs training programs, offers courses and public seminars as well as invites professionals of various fields to contribute to a wide variety of perspectives on collective and its integration. 

The basic program is a 3 years training program. Students can collect education points that add up to a 3-year program in Collective Trauma Integration. Since the AIS offers, in collaboration with the Ubiquity University MA and PhD programs, the training can serve as academic education. The training can also be taken without it being an academic path as additional training for facilitators, psychotherapists, psychologists, medical professionals, mediators and everyone who wants to deepen the understanding of collective trauma. We offer specific courses for professionals from various fields (education, economy, leadership, social sciences and others) as trans disciplinary education to introduce collective trauma knowledge in various disciplines. 

Since collective trauma is a very complex topic students need to study and practice out of 4 areas that all together compose the training program 

  • Personal development and trauma integration 
  • Collective trauma Integration 
  • Transpersonal studies 
  • Facilitation training 
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