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Global Collective Trauma Prevention – New Aid Project

With joy and gratitude we present this new project: Global Collective Trauma Prevention. It was initiated by Yehudit Sasportas and Thomas Hübl, and realized through the Pocket Project.

Our planet is suddenly a different place. The activity of humanity has largely come to a standstill worldwide. Almost everywhere we have a crisis situation caused by the pandemic. It is uncertain how it will develop, how long it will take and what comes “after.” How will it change our lives?
Global Trauma Prevention

Very many of us are overwhelmed by the effects of this global crisis. To support those suffering from stress, we are now offering free, guided online groups. The groups are open to anyone in need of support and for medical professionals who are particularly challenged.

Reactivation of individual and collective trauma layers

This pandemic crisis leads to a reactivation of individual and collective trauma layers in many people in the form of higher stress levels, more fear and panic, dissociation, numbness and a feeling of isolation.

When old patterns are awakened by new challenges, our reactions come from the past instead of being a response to the present situation. We are all now called upon to find present-moment strategies that are not bound by old trauma patterns, so that we can effectively address this crisis – individually, as a society, and as a global community. More than ever, recognizing trauma dynamics and coping with them is important.

We want to help prevent a dangerous downward spiral of collective fear and panic in society. We intend to use this time as an opportunity to create new possibilities for the future.

Thomas Hübl’s collective trauma work highlights the power of “we presence” in the individual and collective integration work and is a powerful base for the prevention of another cycle of traumatization. The focus is on anchoring in the here and now of the “We” space in individual and collective integration work. We will practice these principles in the support groups for all those in need of support.

Collective Trauma PreventionFor more information please visit our new website. Here you find the schedules of the group offer and the info how you can participate in it.

Global Collective Trauma Prevention Website

Special Groups for Health Care Professionals

Trauma Prevention medicalFor members of medical professions (doctors, nurses, paramedics, people in key positions in administration and management) we offer separate groups.

Here you can find the the special offers for medical professions

Who leads the groups?

Trauma Prevention TeamThe Pocket Project as a non-profit movement brings together people and facilitators from all over the world in this new offer. They voluntarily provide their skills to the general public in these times of massive global change. Thomas Hübl is supervising the entire project.

Here we introduce the group leaders