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The Future of Capitalism and Regenerative Economics

Capital Institute founder John Fullerton and spiritual teacher Thomas Hübl explore the possibility and promise of Regenerative Economics. In a stimulating four-part conversation, they examine the systemic patterns that keep our flawed financial systems in place, even when they no longer serve humanity’s needs.

Part 1: Could the transformation of finance save the planet?

In this first of a four-part series, Fullerton and Hübl discuss the “Universal Patterns & Principles of Regenerative Economics.” By learning to recognize the invisible blueprint underlying both living systems and cultural systems, we become able to exercise a new level of “response-ability” – the ability to respond to the urgent challenges humanity is facing.

Part 2: Why do eight families own half the world’s wealth?

In this second of a four-part series, Fullerton and Hübl discuss “System Design & Unquestioned Assumptions.” They observe that the accumulation of wealth among an ever-shrinking number of people reveals a critical flaw in the design of our economic systems. Just as our bodies cannot be healthy without good circulation of energy and nutrients, only a “regenerative economics” will serve humanity as a whole.

Part 3: How can we answer the call of the future?

In this third of a four-part series, Capital Institute founder John Fullerton and spiritual teacher Thomas Hübl discuss the “Rumbling of Change Into the Integral Age.” They discuss their shared belief that humanity is experiencing an era of radical change similar to the first scientific revolution. We are being called to grow into a new way of being that is emergent, that is integral and integrated and not reductionist. Answering this call requires us to leave behind old habits and heal the individual and collective traumas standing in the way of our evolution.

Part 4: Is a shift in consciousness the first step towards a new economy?

In this last video of a four-part series, Fullerton and Hübl discuss “The Intersection of Human Development & Social/Systemic Change.” They observe that the economic system we have now is rooted in our current level of consciousness. Ultimately a shift in consciousness, as well as the willingness to do our part, will be necessary in order to change the system design and to solve the problems we face.

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