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The Power of Ancestral Healing

How to Uncover the Deeper Roots of Trauma and Access Greater Resilience

Sunday, October 30, 2022
9am Los Angeles / 12pm New York / 4pm London / 5pm Berlin
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Go beyond genealogy and learn to connect with the resilience of your ancestral lineage.

In this LIVE guided exploration, we will look at the possibility of how to connect with your ancestral roots, even when you don’t know much about your genealogy. Through the larger journey of this powerful work, you can develop a felt ancestral connection in order to work with the inherent resilience of your ancestral lineage and embark on a journey from separation to interconnection.

Join us for this live session where we will explore:

  • Why so many people are disconnected from their roots and ancestry
  • The possibility of going beyond genealogy to sense and feel your ancestors
  • Drawing from the resilience within one’s lineage
  • The importance of including ancestral healing in individual and collective trauma integration processes
  • An overview of our upcoming 5-month immersion program: The Ancestral Healing Journey

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