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Nov. 20, 2022

The Ancestral Healing Journey

Revitalizing Your Roots and Connecting to the Soul of Humanity

A 5-Month LIVE Online Intensive to Learn the Principles and Practices for Working with Ancestral Trauma

Ancestral healing is the deep inquiry into the unfinished and unintegrated aspects of our ancestors’ lives that they turned away from, or simply couldn’t process, and then handed over to us.

Ancestral healing means developing the capacity to resolve the unfinished business from our ancestral lineage so that we don’t pass the burden onto the next generation. This allows us all to consciously create the future we want to live in, with fewer constraints and more possibilities.

This course will be experiential in nature and we will move through many practices and processes as a group to expand our capacities and competencies for healing. The goal is to become a living embodiment of what we learn and to apply it within our work, relationships, and daily life.

During our live sessions, we will engage in real-time process work, where we’ll model what it means to participate in a healing community.

Registration for this course is now closed.

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