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Jul. 18, 2020
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Technology, Trauma and Mysticism

Join renowned wisdom teacher Thomas Hübl for this special Consciousness Hacking event exploring technology, trauma and mysticism

Date: Saturday, July 18, 2020
Time: 12 to 2 pm PDT, 3 to 5 pm EDT, 9 to 11 pm CEST

About this Event

Thomas Hübl: “Through the World Wide Web, we have created an external manifestation of our inner architecture. We created a global brain. And because of the global brain, we now have a perspective, a new consciousness of humanity and the world. And because of that, I believe that the digital restoration is now possible. If we use technology to help us to integrate trauma, we have a very powerful partner. When we use technology and develop technology, at the same time we are trauma-informed, and we take this trauma factor into account, I believe we can literally restore the trauma in the world.”

From increased polarization to ubiquitous means of distraction, technology is often seen to have a negative effect on trauma. But what would a technological landscape look like that was in service of actually healing individual and collective trauma? Is it possible to create global coherence, rather than fragmentation, through technology? And how might we best leverage tech in service of the evolution of human consciousness?

“Join us for an exploration of these questions and more at our forthcoming event with wisdom teacher Thomas Hübl as he explores his cutting-edge perspective on the intersection of technology and consciousness. We’re super excited about this one – Thomas holds a rare and balanced perspective on the potential sacred nature of technology in our evolution – don’t miss it!” The Consciousness Hacking Team

This event will be livestreamed on Zoom. The link will be sent out to attendees after they register.

Early bird tickets (Just $5) are available until July 8!

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