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Oct. 23 - Oct. 30, 2022
Silence and Embodiment

Silent Retreat – Meditation and Contemplation 2022

We invite you to spend a week-long retreat to go inward and have an intimate connection with yourself. Through an ever finer contemplative exploration of the present, we unfold the beauty of the moment.

Food for the Soul

It is a time of silence, non-doing, an inner retreat of contemplation and meditation. To be without having to be someone. Nothing is expected of you, there is nothing to achieve. Just listen inside and see what is happening inside you.

Days of inner retreat and reconnection

Sitting, breathing, simply being there and drawing new strength, experiencing inner and outer peace. The power of the surrounding nature as well as a clear daily routine support this process. Guided meditation and silent meditations allow you to engage in intimate contact with yourself. During this time, patterns and conditioning or even old hurts may surface, it may also be that the mind gets louder and many thoughts come up. This is part of a mental detox process that for most people frees up space again for the authentic steps in life.


Guided meditation and silent meditations allow you to engage in intimate contact with yourself. During this time patterns and conditioning or old hurts may come up, it may also be that the mind gets louder and many thoughts come up. This is part of a mental detox process that, for most people, frees up space again for the authentic steps in life. An attitude of mindfulness and acceptance enables a deep energetic process of clearing and expansion of consciousness.

“Whenever you accept this moment as it is, you are silent, you are at peace.” Eckhart Tolle

Susanne and Martin present the retreat:

Susanne Ahlendorf and Martin Bruders have been united for many years by the joint study of mystical texts and the fascination of shared silence. Thus they developed and lead the ongoing annual cycle “Bibles-Online” and several meditation retreats. Martin and Susanne have had a close student-teacher relationship with Thomas Hübl for over 15 years. As senior students they are involved in various projects and groups.

Martin Bruders is facilitator of the Celebrate Live Festival and has been co-leading meditation retreats for 6 years. Susanne is an authorized trainer for Transparent Communication and leads trainings for practice group leaders in the Academy of Inner Science (more about them below).

Impressions of the seminar house Sophia and the surrounding area:

The retreat is open to all levels of meditation experience.

Organizational matters

Date: Sunday, October 23 to Sunday, October 30, 2022
Time: Start 6 pm, End 12.30 pm
Price:  390 Euro (incl. VAT) Early bird price until August 31, 2021, thereafter from September 1, 2022, 480 Euro (incl. VAT)

Accommodation possibilities: Single, double and 3-bed rooms*****
To the seminar price accommodation/board (biological) is added:
55 Euro staying in your camper/tent
62/ 68 Euro in a double or triple room (shared bathroom/own bathroom)
82/ 92 Euro in single room (bathroom on the floor/own bathroom)
Please bring your own bed linen and/or towels. Rental is possible – cost 8 Euro/person

Room reservation: Seminarhaus-sophia@gmx.de | Tel: +49 (0)5862 – 941 1374
Seminarhaus “Sophia”
: Seminar house “Sophia” | An der Elbe 2, 29490 Drethem, Germany
Website: www.das-ausbreiten-der-fluegel.de

Number of participants: Minimum number of participants: 8 (If there are less than 15 participants, only one of the speakers will lead the retreat on site)
Information and answers: info@innerscience
Fon: +49 (0)4407 – 716 094

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  • Susanne Ahlendorf 2022

    Susanne Ahlendorf

    practices in her own psychotherapeutic practice in Frankfurt am Main. She is a non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy and practitioner of the developmental trauma method NARM®. She has been leading continuing education and training groups since 1998 on topics such as meditation, Transparent Communication according to Thomas Hübl®, Mysticism & Healing, continuing education in an educational context as well as annual trainings “Women’s ROOM”. Since 2020 Susanne has been giving courses together with Martin Bruders under the name MakeSpaceForGrace, for a deeper understanding of the sacred scriptures and other mystical texts. Susanne has been in contact with Thomas Hübl since 2006 and has been on the team of his Inner Science Training Group (assistance group) and Core-Group since 2007. She accompanied the Timless Wisdom Training 1, 2 and 4 and gives trainings within the “Academy of Inner Science” for practice group leaders and silent retreats. She is the mother of an adult daughter and lives in Aschaffenburg, near Frankfurt am Main.

    Her passion and ability is to bring people together in spaces that are supported and held by a grounded and spiritual force. The connection and relationship in being human and to the creative source is natural for her. This enables the participants to take developmental and healing steps in their personal development. At the same time, in the ‘InterBeing’ of the group – the interconnectedness of all being – (a term of the Zen Buddhist Thich Nhat Hanh) a constant updating of information from the future takes place and thus the possibility of transformation.


    Susanne’s website

  • Martin Bruders

    Martin Bruders

    is a qualified social worker, mediator and coach. He worked for over 28 years as a comedian and presenter at over 2000 corporate events in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. His inner exploring expedition journey is as much about his meditation practice as it is about his daily life.

    For 14 years he has been studying intensively with Thomas Hübl and is a participant in his Core-Group. Especially the real embodiment of a heightened intimacy and honesty from human to human and human to God touches him in a radical way. Today he increasingly appears as a speaker and seminar leader on topics of this kind, publishes podcasts and leads silent retreats in the program of the Academy of Inner Science. Since 2020, Martin and Susanne have been giving courses on deeper understanding of scripture and other mystical texts under the name MakeSpaceForGrace.

    He is also the creator of the weTransform Leadership Training and head of the Integral Roadshow, an infotainment show about the integral model of Ken Wilber. Martin is the father of two adult children and lives in Berlin.

    Martin’s website


Event Details

October 23 CET
October 30 CET


Seminarhaus “Sophia”
An der Elbe 2
Neu Darchau, 29490 Germany
+49 5862 9411374


Academy of Inner Science
0049 (0)4407 - 716 094


Short Location
Northern Germany
With Susanne Ahlendorf & Martin Bruders
English, German
AIS Instructors