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Healing Collective Trauma: A Dialogue with Thomas Hübl

Australian and New Zealand friends: you are especially invited!

This important dialogue will be facilitated by Louise Marra – Programme Director, The NZ Leadership Programme.

Date and Time:
Wednesday March 3 | 8.30 – 10 am (NZDT)
Tuesday March 2 | 8.30 – 10 pm (CET)
Tuesday March 2 | 2.30 – 4 pm (EST)

Understanding the nature of collective trauma offers grounding, solidarity and essential wisdom for leaders, businesses and communities, so we can lead together with hope, courage and aroha through this pandemic era.

Journey with globally renowned founder of the Academy of Inner Science, THOMAS HÜBL, as he teaches us about the role and impact of collective trauma in our lives and how we can effectively work with it to heal ourselves and the world. In addition, this live conversation will explore the leading themes of Thomas’ latest book (from 2020): Healing Collective Trauma.

In this 90-minute Zoom free online event, Thomas will offer us an essential lens into:

  • How is collective trauma created and passed through generations and retriggered?
  • Why should we, as a society, start to bring more awareness to collective trauma?
  • How do we increase the capacities of individuals and groups to heal the collective trauma of our time?
  • How is the exploration of collective trauma at the leading edge of healing?

Be part of an inclusive audience for this inaugural event in our COVID-19 LEADERSHIP RECOVERY SERIES.
Understand how we can reset ourselves and create spaces that emerge from a place of connection – together.

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