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Oct. 12 - Oct. 20, 2019

Collective Trauma Online Summit

A 9-Day Global Event to Explore How to Heal Personal, Intergenerational & Collective Trauma

Thomas Hübl is hosting an unprecedented online event with over 25 leading speakers and experts, that will take place online from October 12-20. The Summit is produced by the Pocket Project and there is no cost to attend.

This is one of the first Summits to bring greater awareness to the topic of collective trauma and it is important because often collective trauma goes unrecognized but lives in the background of any situation. By first recognizing collective trauma and then working with it, we can accelerate both individual and group healing.

When you register to attend this online Summit, you’ll hear from leading psychotherapists, researchers, and visionaries including:

  • Bessel van der Kolk, MD – Psychiatrist, Author, Educator and President of the Trauma Research Foundation
  • Stephen W. Porges – Founding Director of the Traumatic Stress Research Consortium, Indiana University
  • Monica Sharma – Best-selling Author of Radical Transformational Leadership
  • Dr. Gabor Maté – Best-selling Author, Speaker
  • Richard Schwartz, PhD – Developer of the Internal Family Systems model of psychotherapy
  • Rev. angel Kyodo williams – Zen Teacher, Author, Social Justice Activist
  • Ken Wilber – Founder of Integral Theory
  • Daniel J. Siegel, MD – Best-selling Author, Founder of the Mindsight Institute
  • Terry Patten – Teacher, Philosopher, Social Entrepreneur and Author of A New Republic of the Heart
  • Christina Bethell, PhD – Professor, Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health
  • Dr. Claus Otto Scharmer – Senior Lecturer in the MIT Management Sloan School and founder of the Presencing Institute
  • Terry Real – Best-selling Author and Founder of The Relational Life Institute
  • And many, many MORE!

Each day during the Summit starting October 12th we will release 3-4 talks.

The Summit will begin with a Global Healing Meditation on October 12 that you can join live online.



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