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Jul. 26 - Aug. 4, 2019
Celebrate Life Festival Thomas Hübl

Celebrate Life Festival 2019

HOME – Being at Home in a changing world

July 26 to August 4, 2019, Hof Oberlethe, Wardenburg, Northern Germany

“Only those who are at home in themselves are ready for change.”
Thomas Hübl

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The 2019 Celebrate Live Festival will take place in Germany once again. For ten days, everything will revolve around the experience and research of the complex term, Home, in its many facets. The title of the festival results from the German term “Heimat”, for which we have chosen “Home” in English. “Heimat” is difficult to translate into many languages, because it does not only contain the origin, but the whole attitude towards life.

Main topic Home

Each of us associates ‘home’ with something different. A place, a certain time, a smell, the family, an attitude of mind or tradition, a very subjective feeling of familiarity and belonging. Often, also a longing for something lost. Home is something different for everyone and at the same time a deep collective feeling.

The inner anchoring of feeling at home, is not possible for many people who are often traumatically injured.

Yet, it is particularly important in times of globalisation and digitalisation, migration and climate change, in order to be able to deal adequately with the changes in our society and our environment. What does it mean to have a home and at the same time be at home in change, and to be at home in the eternal interplay of life – stability and change?

At the Festival in 2019, Thomas Hübl and the guest speakers will explore the question of how we humans, as cultural beings, continually recreate home in our consciousness. Then home is not a counter trend to globalisation, but the experience of a global understanding of home with a natural sense of responsibility for people, the earth and the pressing problems of our time.

The Celebrate Life Festival 2019 spans a wide range of exciting facets of the home experience in three modules:

Module 1: Home in Me

Do I feel at home in myself? What is my basic feeling of security and belonging like? Have I developed a healthy core from which I can come into contact with the world? Are my family and ancestors a positive resource for me?

Module 2: Home in the World

Do I feel at home in my home country? How do I refer to Germany after the experiences in the 3rd Reich, in the war, in a divided Germany? How does the east-west division in Germany and Europe continue to have an effect today? How can I be at home in a world that is changing rapidly as a result of the climate crisis and technology? And how can I, as a local citizen, develop a global consciousness?

Module 3: Home in God

Can I leave the map behind me and settle in presence? Do I have access to the mystical space in which my life takes place? In this inner connection, do I lead an inspired life that is creative and innovative?

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Event Details

July 26, 2019 CET
August 4, 2019 CET


Hof Oberlethe
Wardenburgerstraße 24
Wardenburg, 26203 Germany
Tel: 0049 - (0)4407 - 6840


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Short Location
Wardenburg, Northern Germany
with Thomas Hübl
English, German
Thomas Hübl