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Jul. 19, 2020
Coaching Summit WS

Building Collective Resilience in Times of Crisis

Coaching Summit WS FaBoFree Live Online Workshop

In this challenging time, many of us are experiencing heightened levels of stress, both personally and within our organizations and communities. When our typical habits of living are disturbed, unconscious layers of trauma get activated, creating symptoms of fragmentation and conflict. As leaders, how can we meet this moment with presence and find ways to awaken resilience within our clients and organizations?

In this live interactive session, Thomas Hübl will introduce practices that can increase our capacity to self-regulate in times of stress and to co-regulate with others. He will also explore how to create powerful fields through group coherence that can build our collective resilience and accelerate healing.

This workshop is part of The Coaching Summit 2020: Leading in Times of Uncertainty.

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