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Jan. 18, 2022
Ancestral Healing Summit

Ancestral Healing Summit 2022

Connect With Your Ancestors to Heal Your Lineage & Transform Your Life

Free Online Event January 18 – 21, 2022

Did you know that the experiences of your ancestors — both positive and negative — can be passed down from generation to generation, leaving psychic and even physical imprints?

Many of us inherit special skills and talents from our lineage, but we can also carry our ancestors’ traumas in our bodies, hearts, minds, and souls, even if we’re not aware of what they went through.

Traumatic experiences often prevented those who came before us from fully accessing their own strengths. If your ancestors were blocked due to trauma, that energetic vibration of blockage could also have been passed down to you…

Over the course of this enriching 4-day experiential event, you’ll learn the definition of ancestral healing, understand how trauma shows up in inherited family disease patterns such as diabetes or cancer, and gain a deeper understanding of how to heal family dynamics and patterns that have held you back from becoming your best self.

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