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Aug. 14, 2020

Processing collective trauma to release love, presence and freedom

Am Freitag findet eine Panel-Diskussion mit Thomas Hübl statt – Live und Online! (auf Englisch)

The new global Conscious R:evolution platform, born by EXIT on its very birthday, presents a new discussion dubbed Processing Collective Trauma to Release Love, Presence and Freedom on Friday, August 14 at 4:30 pm CEST / 10:30 am EDT.

Here the panel is streamed on Friday:

In a year when the whole world is experiencing a global crisis – health, economic and ecological one, we need to draw attention to the subject of collective trauma and how to deal with it. This topic makes us think about how our ancestors‘ experiences impact our lives and shape the reality of today, as well as how our experiences will leave a trace for the generations to come.

Thomas Hübl | Renowned teacher and International Faciliator
Beau Lotto | Professor of Neuroscience, Author and Entrepreneur
Henry Ammar | International Life Speaker and Entrepreneur
Nikola Jurišić | Senior Expert in Culture at McKinsey, Facilitator and Coach

Watch new Conscious R:evolution panel „Processing Collective Trauma to Release Love, Presence and Freedom“ on Friday, August 14 at 4:30 pm CET / 10:30 am EDT on the EXIT Festival Facebook page: