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Individuelles, intergenerationales und kollektives Trauma

Ein Beitrag zur Heilung der Wunden der Vergangenheit, mit Thomas Hübl, auf Englisch

24. Februar um 20. 30 Uhr MEZ (90 Minuten)

In this workshop, Thomas will explore the experiential aspects of individual, ancestral and collective trauma, and illuminate both the overlaps and the distinctions between the three. Together, we will examine how trauma and resourcing intertwine and operate in our unconscious, underlining and forming many of our cultural conceptions. Deepening our understanding of the impact of trauma on us as individuals, on our teams, and our communities is the first step towards an increase in resilience, compassion, vitality and an increased flow of creativity.

This takes place within the framework of: 40 Days of Peace – in remembrance of Martin Luther King, initiated by the Charter for Compassion.

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On February 17, Kosha Joubert of the Pocket Project addresses „Healing the Fractures that Divide Us: Transforming the Impact of Individual, Ancestral and Collective Trauma“. More on that here >>