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Mrz. 29 - Apr. 3, 2022

Global Resilience Summit 2022

29. März bis 3. April 2022 – Kostenfreie Online-Konferenz auf Englisch – Thomas Hübl ist Referent

Learn from World-Class Experts How to Deepen and Sustain Our Individual, Collective & Systemic Resilience in the Face of the Many Complex Challenges Facing Humanity Today. Making the Individual and Collective Shift to Becoming more Deeply Embodied, Heart-Centered, Resilient and Earth-Connected.

Together with Thomas Hübl participate Ken Wilber, Otto Scharmer, PhD, Diane Musho Hamilton, Ronald Siegel, PsyD, Stephen Porges, PhD, Rick Hanson, PhD, and others

At this time, resilience is critical to humanity’s future and our ability to thrive sustainably here on Earth for generations to come. In this Summit, we will explore how to develop and sustain the individual and collective resilience we need to meet our increasingly complex global challenges with wisdom, skillful means, and compassion.

Come join us in this deep exploration of what it means to be human and how we can heal and repair our relationship with the earth, our fellow species, and each other… learning to live and flourish together sustainably, as one global human family.

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Global Resilience Summit 2022