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Honoring Our Fear, Finding Our Resilience
In a Time of Crisis and Pandemic

Recording of an Online Gathering with Thomas Hübl

During this global pandemic challenge, collective trauma layers are being reactivated. Thomas hosted an open online gathering to explore how we can meet this moment with presence: honoring our fear, while awakening the resilience that has been transmitted from our ancestors who survived crises in the past. Access the Event Recording >>

VIDEO: The Corona Crisis – Remaining Related and Resilient

By Thomas Hübl and Terry Patten

How can we remain related and open-hearted in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic? Thomas Hübl and Terry Patten discuss ways to work with our own stress and fears, be of help to others, and avoid becoming polarized. Watch the Video here >>

Coronavirus – During this Time, Let Us Act with Love

by Thomas Hübl

We are living in a time where large cleaning processes show us the massive amount of collective fear that is arising. If we combine that understanding with presence, it’s an amazing moment for humanity to deepen our grounding and the connection to our embodiment. This time should be ruled by love, because especially in times of crisis it is all about giving. Read the Article >>

Practicing in a Pandemic

Six new teachings on how to find compassion and equanimity in a time of great uncertainty

By Taylor Plimpton, Gesshin Claire Greenwood, Radhule Weininger, Jack Kornfield, Koshin Paley Ellison, and Thomas Hübl – in Tricycle: The Buddhist Review
Contribution by Thomas: “Deepening Our Collective Roots
“This virus is moving; it’s the nature of it to penetrate boundaries. Most of us in our current lifetime have not experienced such a phenomenon. This movement is unsettling, uncertain, and shocking. In contemplating this movement, what do I feel?” Read More Here >>

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