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We offer personal support (by phone/Skype)

If you feel that you would benefit from qualified support with finding deeper clarity in general or around a specific issue or challenge, our support team is available for private sessions.

Members of our support team are senior students of Thomas and have extensive experience assisting group participants in their individual processes.

A session provides an opportunity to bring awareness to personal processes, whether in reference to a specific issue or a certain area of life. A session may help to shed light on our manifested patterns, change perspectives, work on solutions to our challenges, and reveal a greater context in which we operate.

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  • If you would like to make an appointment, please fill out the form on this page.
  • Please indicate either a 30 or a 60-minute call and the support team member you would like to work with you.
  • In response to your request, you will receive a phone call or an email from the person you selected in order to make an appointment with him or her and to arrange the terms of payment. You also agree whether the session should take place on the phone, via Skype or Zoom.
  • Please arrange the price of the session with the support team member you have chosen.

Please note

The Sharing the Presence Thomas Hübl GmbH must direct your attention to the fact that in no way does Personal Support take the place of psychiatric, psychotherapeutic, medical treatment or any other kind of therapy. A normal mental capacity of the customer is required. With the appointment, you agree to the Terms and Conditions for Booking a Session.

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Support Team

Susanne Ahlendorf

practices in her own psychotherapeutic practice in Frankfurt am Main. She is a non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy and practitioner of the developmental trauma method NARM®. She has been leading continuing education and training groups since 1998 on topics such as meditation, Transparent Communication according to Thomas Hübl®, Mysticism & Healing, continuing education in an educational context as well as annual trainings “Women’s ROOM”. Since 2020 Susanne has been giving courses together with Martin Bruders under the name MakeSpaceForGrace, for a deeper understanding of the sacred scriptures and other mystical texts. Susanne has been in contact with Thomas Hübl since 2006 and has been on the team of his Inner Science Training Group (assistance group) and Core-Group since 2007. She accompanied the Timless Wisdom Training 1, 2 and 4 and gives trainings within the “Academy of Inner Science” for practice group leaders and silent retreats. She is the mother of an adult daughter and lives in Aschaffenburg, near Frankfurt am Main.

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Markus Hirzig

Born: 1959
Languages: German, English

Markus Hirzig has 30 years of experience in the support of people, especially through physical therapy and as an osteopath. He is also trained in NLP and hypnotic trance (Milton Erickson).

“My work has led to an ever-deepening sensitivity for tension in the body and in the related energy field, as well as the root of the tensions.”

Markus has had extensive contact with Thomas Hübl since 2002, and has provided support to participants in his seminars for a number of years. He is involved in the further development of the members of the Assisting Team for Thomas Hübl. He accompanied the Timeless Wisdom Training 1 and 2, is facilitating mentoring groups in Thomas’s healing and mystical principles online courses, and has accompanied the Pocket Training for Trauma Integration.

Markus lives in Berlin, Germany.

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Vivian Kolbe

Born: 1968
Languages: German, English

An osteopath, alternative health practitioner and therapist for integrative Gestalt Therapy in Hamburg, Vivian Kolbe has had his own practice since 1997.

Vivian assisted Thomas Hübl in workshops since 2005 and is member of his assisting Team. He accompanied the Timeless Wisdom Training 1, and the first Timeless Wisdom Training in the U.S..

“In work with people, I see myself in a guiding role, serving as a confidant, who holds an open space, allowing for the exploration of areas which are initially unfamiliar, frightening or repressed.

In many cases, it is enough to shine a light on something so that a change process can begin, allowing the next step to be self-propelled.”

Vivian lives in Hamburg, Germany.

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Gaby Stalter, MD

Born: 1970
Languages: German, English

Established medical doctor for obstetrics and traditional Chinese Medicine.

Gaby Stalter is trained in Focusing: Guiding people through an awareness of their physical bodies, bringing into consciousness previously inaccessible aspects of self.

She has been in contact with Thomas Hübl since 2004, providing support to participants in his workshops since 2005.

Gaby is also one of the founders of “TransParents – a platform for transformational parenting”, which provides workshops for expecting parents, who seek to deepen family bonds.

Gabi lives in Laupheim, Germany and gives sessions in German and English.

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Jürgen Wölfl

Born: 1966
Languages: German, English

Psychologist and trained psychodrama therapist. After many years of working with disadvantaged children, adolescents and their parents, and in a psychosomatic clinic for adults, he now has his own private practice.

His particular interest is the combination of mysticism, spiritual practice and psychotherapy.
Jürgen participated in the Timeless Wisdom Training 1.

Since 2008 he has been in Thomas Hübl’s Assistants Group and accompanied the Timeless Wisdom Training 3. He is mentor in Thomas’s healing online course and has accompanied the Pocket Training for Trauma Integration.

Jürgen lives in Berlin, Germany.

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Heidi Wohlhüter

Languages: German, English

Certified behavioral therapist (DGVT) and supervisor (DGVT) as well as a certified child and youth therapist.

She has been working for almost 20 years in a psychiatric day clinic, and 10 years in her private practice, where she offers group and individual sessions. She also works as a supervisor for therapists, teams and psychologists, supporting them in their shadow work and professionalization.

Heidi’s mission is to support people in creating a space in which healing can take place.
Heidi has been a student of Thomas for over ten years, and is part of the assistance group. She is currently an assistant in the Timeless Wisdom Training 5; and she has assisted already in Timeless Wisdom Training 4. She leads the “Transparent Communication” practice group in Aachen.

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