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Collective Trauma Summit 2022: Creating a Global Healing Movement

An Online Gathering to Share Ideas and Inspire Action for Healing Individual, Ancestral, and Collective Trauma

“The world is facing a series of collective trauma events and as a society, we urgently need to develop solutions to address the core underlying issues and to help those going through current crises.”  – Thomas Hübl

The fourth annual Collective Trauma Summit was held from September 28-October 6, 2022. Nearly 100,000 people from over 120 countries gathered to create a collective healing container for humanity as our speakers led conversations to examine emerging trends in collective trauma work and inspire action for healing individual, ancestral, and collective trauma.

Many of the problems and challenges in our world today require us to go beyond the individual to bring groups together to address collective trauma.

That’s why we chose Creating a Global Healing Movement as the Summit theme. Over 70 speakers, poets, musicians, and artists explored the work being done in a range of multi-disciplinary fields to address trauma in our world. 

Some of the topics that were explored during the Summit included:

Health and Wellness

  • Strengthening Our Global Immune System by Healing Collective Trauma
  • The Undeniable Link of Illness and Wellbeing to Our Collective Ecosystem
  • Wellness as a Form of Resistance

Social Issues

  • Filling Our Wells of Resilience: Contemplative Solutions to Eco-Anxiety and Climate Crisis
  • Disability Rights Activism: Recovery, Resilience, and Hope
  • Restorative Justice: From the Paradigm of Punishment to Ecosystems of Healing

Intergenerational and Collective Trauma

  • Discovering the Heroic Courage to Heal Transgenerational Trauma Through Our Relationships
  • Confronting the Individual, Transgenerational, and Collective Trauma of Racism
  • The Story Being Told Through Our Collective Body

Collective Witnessing

  • Addressing Trauma at the Systemic Level in Journalism
  • Epigenetics and the Need for Trauma Education in Journalism
  • The World We Want is Waiting for Us to Speak It Into Existence

Spiritual Approaches to Healing Trauma

  • Meeting a World of Suffering With Compassion and Resilience
  • Presence and Trauma Healing on the Spiritual Path
  • Receiving Messages Along the Sacred Path of Life

Music, Poetry, and the Arts:

  • Navigating the Shadows of Collective Trauma Within Artistic Expression
  • The Vulnerable Choice of Breaking Our Hearts Open
  • Writing as Alchemy
  • Poetry as World Building

This year’s Summit included some of the world’s leading collective trauma experts and luminaries including:

  • Dr. Gabor Maté – Psychologist, Physician, and Author of The Myth of Normal
  • Zainab Salbi Author, Humanitarian, Founder of Women for Women, Co-Founder of Daughters for Earth
  • Dr. Stephen Porges – Distinguished University Scientist, Traumatic Stress Research Consortium Founding Director, Professor of Psychiatry
  • Rev. angel Kyodo williams – Zen Teacher, Author, and Social Justice Activist
  • Christiana Figueres – Co-host of the Climate Podcast Outrage and Optimism, and Former UN Climate Chief
  • A. H. Almaas – Founder, Diamond Approach to Self-realization
  • V (Formerly Eve Ensler) – Author, Playwright, Activist, and Performer
  • Terry Tempest Williams – Award-Winning Author, Environmentalist, and Activist
  • Prentis Hemphill – Host of Finding Our Way, Writer, and Embodiment Teacher/Facilitator
  • Terry Real – NY Times Best Selling Author, and Family Therapist
  • Athena Viscusi – Clinical Social Worker, Psychosocial Specialist at Doctors without Borders 
  • Dr. Richard Schwartz – Founder of Internal Family Systems Therapy
  • Maria Leister, JD – Faculty, Co-Director, Harvard’s Global Mental Health, Trauma Program, and Consultant
  • Dr. Dan Siegel – Executive Director, Mindsight Institute
  • Grandmother Flordemayo – Mayan Elder, Curandera, Universal Healer, Visionary, and Founder of The Path
  • Tristan Harris – Co-Founder and President, Center for Humane Technology
  • sujatha baliga – Restorative Justice Facilitator and Public Speaker
  • Otto Scharmer, PhD – Co-Founder of Presencing Institute, Sr. Lecturer at MIT
  • Dr. Sará King – Neuroscientist, Political and Learning Scientist, Speaker, and Founder of MindHeart Consulting
  • Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg – Author, Scholar in Residence at National Council of Jewish Women
  • Sulaiman Khatib – Co-Founder of Combatants for Peace and Middle East Initiatives, Peace Activist, Public Speaker, and Author
  • Stephanie Foo – Radio Producer, Writer, and Best-selling Author of What My Bones Know
  • And many more

Click here to see a complete list of presenters, where you can also watch the six freely available highlight videos and purchase the Summit Upgrade Package.

What Participants are Saying about the Summit:

“Attending this Collective Trauma Summit was a truly humbling and the same uplifting experience. The conversations I listened to led me to some deep reflective thinking which has helped me to develop and expand my mindset in ways which I am already seeing impact my practice.” – Tanya VB., Social Worker, Australia

“The Collective Trauma Summit was very inspiring – the speakers were more than perfect, and all the talks were informative yet humanized with personal experiences and touching feelings.” – Sally M., Journalist, Egypt

“Thank you so much for such a thorough, well-organized, and diverse Summit!  I’m very grateful for the teachings, musings, and inspiration. I learn from stories and personal experiences so I feel like I have leveled up my own healing work and can sincerely call myself ‘trauma-informed.’  I also appreciate the tempo of the interviews, which were so thoughtful in nature that I felt able to integrate not only the teachings but the energy of the speakers and the spirit each one carries.”  – Emileena P., Artist Development Coach, USA 

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These recordings and bonus materials provide great benefits for health professionals, organizational leaders, therapists, as well as anyone wanting to understand this topic deeply for personal reasons.

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“Because of the sheer volume of speakers/performances I just had to purchase the upgrade so I can see/hear all of these amazing people who are working collectively to heal humanity!” – Angelique R., Labor/Delivery RN

Every purchase of the upgrade package goes to support the creation of this event as well as The Pocket Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to healing collective trauma and reducing its effects on our global culture.