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Collective Trauma Summit 2021: Collective Healing in Action – Summary

A Leading-Edge Vision of a Trauma-Integrating World

Trauma is not just a personal experience. It is always embedded in a much wider chain of events and history. Examining our collective trauma is the way to tap into the evolutionary intelligence of humanity. – Thomas Hübl

CTS Opening

Opening Event with Ruby Mendenhall, Laura Calderón de la Barca and Thomas Hübl

The third annual Collective Trauma Summit was held from September 19-28. Over 100,000 people from 120 countries gathered to create a collective healing container for humanity as we build awareness about collective trauma so that we can work toward a larger vision of creating trauma-integrating societies.

Some of the topics that were explored during the Summit included:

  • A deep dive into the emerging collective trauma issues of our time including racism, the environment and climate change, global health care/pandemic crisis, war and conflict legacies, and intergenerational trauma
  • How individual, ancestral, and collective trauma are interdependent and why all need to be addressed for true healing
  • How our individual nervous system is a part of the collective nervous system rather than separate and how we need to care for both
  • How to go from a state of overwhelm, fear and anxiety toward building resilience and internal coherence capacities
  • How to go beyond being trauma-informed and trauma-sensitive to move toward a society that is trauma-integrating
  • The power of facilitated group work to hold space for witnessing, working with, and transforming collective trauma

An Unprecedented Moment of Opportunity

As we become more aware of collective trauma, we are seeing the devastating impact that it can have on individuals, families and society. For the first time in human history, through a growing base of practitioners and because of the use of technology, we have the potential to work with collective trauma in large groups and even across borders. This is an unprecedented moment and opportunity for all of us to look at what has been hidden for years.

An Inspiring Group of Diverse Speakers


CTS 2021 Speaker Collage

The Summit speakers included an extraordinary cross-disciplinary lineup featuring pioneering psychotherapists, researchers, and trauma healing educators; Indigenous leaders; human rights and social justice activists; acclaimed poets and authors; climate scientists; visionary thinkers and luminaries; and experts in public health, medicine, and neuroscience.

Evolution at Work in the Encounters with Speakers

Of the eight hosts, Thomas conducted 23 of the talks, and remarked:

“My experience was, in many conversations that I had with different speakers, something new came out of our meeting that was unique at that moment. A space of emergence opened up, which means there was a certain element of not-knowing that we dared to allow, even if we spoke from competent places and with a lot of background knowledge.” – Thomas Hübl

CTS POETS collageThis year’s Summit featured 45+ speaker talks, 9 poet conversations, plus musical performances, and live events.

For the first time we also included 8 Integration Practices and ten Daily Insight Videos from Thomas to support participants in digesting and integrating all the information presented throughout the 10 days of the Summit.


We were honored to include in this year’s Summit some of the world’s leading collective trauma experts and luminaries including:

Dr. Gabor Maté – International Bestselling Author, World-Renowned Speaker, Physician
Dr. Fania Davis – Founder, Restorative Justice for Oakland Youth, Social Justice Activist, Author, Speaker
Esther Perel, MA, LMFT – Psychotherapist, Speaker, Author
Jack Saul, PhD – Licensed Psychologist, Director, Author
Deran Young – Founder, Executive Director, Black Therapists Rock
Dr. Richard Schwartz – Founder of Internal Family Systems Model
Krista Tippett – On Being Founder/CEO, Author, Speaker
Jack Kornfield, PhD – Author, Buddhist practitioner, and Spirit Rock Meditation Center founding teacher
Dr. Sará King – Neuroscientist, Political and Learning Scientist, Speaker, and Founder of MindHeart Consulting
Stephen Porges, PhD – Distinguished University Scientist, Traumatic Stress Research Consortium Founding Director, Professor of Psychiatry
Deb Dana, LCSW – Author, Consultant, Developer of the Rhythm of Regulation Training Series
Dr. Eduardo Duran – Clinical Psychologist
Dr. Kamilah Majied – Professor, Psychotherapist, and Contemplative Inclusivity and Equity Consultant
Dr. Diane Poole Heller – Speaker, author, and expert in the field of attachment theory and trauma resolution
Dr. Dan Siegel – Executive Director, Mindsight Institute
Laura van Dernoot Lipsky – Founder and director of The Trauma Stewardship Institute
Otto Scharmer – Senior Lecturer, MIT Sloan School of Management/ Co-Founder, Presencing Institute
Sherri Mitchell Weh’na Ha’mu Kwasset – Attorney, Author, and Founder of the Land Peace Foundation
Leymah Gbowee – Nobel Laureate & Liberian Peace Activist
Pádraig Ó Tuama – Poet and Theologian, and host of Poetry Unbound from On Being Studios

[[ Click here for a complete list of presenters, to watch the six freely available highlight videos, and to purchase the Summit Upgrade Package ]]

Opening a Dialogue

This Summit has opened a dialogue on the most pressing issues of our time, including social justice, climate change, the global health crisis, war and conflict legacies, intergenerational trauma, and more.

Moving forward, it will become even more critical for individuals and our society to find ways to heal Collective Trauma for individuals, groups, and for the greater protection of our planet.

“I see us already in a collective healing movement. Almost a quarter million people signed up through the last three summits, many people have felt touched, and through the conversations are starting to relate to collective trauma in a deeper way.” – Thomas Hübl

Our vision is to continue the conversation and focus on what we can do to recognize, prevent, and work with collective trauma.

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What Participants are Saying about the Summit:

“This is the most important and relevant program I have ever seen on the internet (or anywhere else) that speaks to the child’s wounded heart in me. I can’t thank you enough for all the work that has been done to put this into an available public format, and for all the wonderful people who speak here with so much heart and truth.”

“Thank you for creating this event, with so many incredible human beings sharing such wisdom and compassion, and deep insights into the human condition.”

“I have attended many online summits this past COVID year. The way you have set yours up, the schedule, the place for poetry, the speakers and the info about them, and the graphics for the entire series is absolutely magnificent. Thank you for your dedication.”

“Very beautiful. I was very moved by the poems and music.”

“I find this group to be curious, inspirational, authentic and informative and I really like the forum. I have “fallen behind” and purchased the package so I can watch a few key talks I have missed and to take the pressure off when I am feeling overwhelmed.”

The Collective Healing in Action Upgrade Package is now available for purchase. The collection includes downloadable video, audio, and transcript access to 45+ expert talks, 30 speaker bonuses, PLUS a special 6-module course with Thomas.

These recordings and bonus materials can be beneficial for health professionals, organizational leaders, therapists, as well as anyone wanting to understand this topic deeply for personal reasons.

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