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Celebrating One Year of The Mystic Café Online

One year ago, Thomas created the Mystic Café, an online space for collective healing and presence.

For quite some time, Thomas had been wanting to have a way to interact with the global community on a regular basis. He imagined the Mystic Café as a place where people could gather to share experiences, support each other, and explore topics that reflect the needs and interests of the collective field.

How The Mystic Café Started

The idea was sparked following the conclusion of the Living Meditation Course, as many participants asked Thomas how they could continue the conversations around meditation, contemplation, prayer, and working with sacred texts.

During the first U.S. Timeless Wisdom Training, participants starting “meeting” with Thomas early in the morning in a small kitchen off the main room where Thomas would get his tea before meditation each day. Those informal conversations kept growing as more and more people packed themselves into the tiny room.

These morning coffee sessions came to be known as the “mystic café” and signs heralded, “Where waking up is our first priority!

The deep sharing and conversations about different subjects were informal, warm, and close. Those early morning meetings were so inspiring they continued with the next Timeless Wisdom Training, and everyone thought it would be a lovely idea for an ongoing program.

Eventually, it became the Mystic Café, a community membership program designed to offer guidance and support in deepening the exploration of mystical principles and integrating spiritual practice as a way of being in everyday life.


A Global Community Connecting Virtually


Hundreds of students joined the first Mystic Café online in June 2019, and that number has grown to over one thousand members from all around the world just one year later. Some have been students of Thomas’ for years, while others are new to his teachings. 

As we come upon the one year anniversary, we find ourselves in the midst of a global pandemic, where virtual communities have replaced live gatherings (at least for now).

The Mystic Café has become an essential way to connect and be part of a greater community dedicated to spiritual practice.

The membership program was always intended to be responsive to the needs of the community. Each month before the live sessions, Thomas reads through all the questions that have been submitted from the group and tailors his presentation to address the pressing needs of the collective. 

When members asked for ways to spend more time in conversation with each other, a monthly Members Gathering was added where people come together and meet each other in small, online, breakout groups.

In addition to the monthly live sessions with Thomas, and the monthly membership gatherings, members of the Mystic Café also enjoy an archive of past session recordings plus a curated collection of talks, teachings, and guided meditations from Thomas.


Enjoy this short meditation from the Mystic Café

Meditation on the Importance of the Sangha

In this excerpt from a Mystic Café session, Thomas speaks about the sangha, one of the three elements of the spiritual path, and what it means as somebody who practices in the culture to be a part of a sangha field. 


What Members Are Saying

“There is something essential about these monthly gatherings. I connect to a deep sense of purpose and potential. I have witnessed such deep healings in myself and others. This field gives me hope.” – Scott L, Glasgow, UK

“I deeply value having a container in which to share our experiences as we aspire to embody the teachings in our daily lives – to walk together as a spiritual community sharing a common vision of collective awakening.” – Linda W., Clinician & Ph.D. Candidate, Maine, USA


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